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Cherish (R)
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Well, I guess I liked this more than I expected to, though for awhile there I wasn't getting into it, and considered turning it off early on. But I'm glad I didn't. Probably not something I ever need to see again, but it's not bad.

Um... so there's this sort of socially awkward woman named Zoe Adler (Robin Tunney), who doesn't like being alone. And she likes music a lot (mostly 80s music). And one night she's at a bar with a coworker, who offers to drive her home, since she's had too many drinks. But first she goes out to her car to look for her cellphone, but as it happens, she has a stalker, who gets into the car after her, and forces her to start driving. Before long they come across a bicycle cop, who radios for backup when he sees the situation. But the stalker takes control of the car, and runs the cop down, killing him. Immediately after that, the car crashes, and Zoe is knocked unconscious. The stalker takes her cellphone, and flees the scene. When police arrive, they find she's drunk, arrest her for manslaughter, and fail to believe her story about the stalker.

She gets confined to an apartment with an electronic ankle bracelet, and has to spend most of her time alone. Though she does befriend a crippled guy named Max, who lives downstairs. And there's an officer named Daly who visits her regularly to check on her bracelet, and he soon falls for her. Though he's kind of a lonely and socially awkward guy, himself, I guess, and it takes some time before his feelings become apparent to her (other than the one time he called her attractive, early on). But he does nice things for her, eventually even breaking the rules to give her a chance to try and find the stalker that no one else believes even exists.

Well, I dunno what else to say, really. I don't want to spoil anything, and don't feel I have. But I did want to say that alot of the stuff that happens over the course of the film seems kind of random, just Zoe trying to deal with all the time she has on her hands while waiting for her trial, but ultimately, the progression of events do sort of coalesce into a cohesive whole, and everything was actually more important to the development of the story than it seemed at the time. Um... oh yes, I also meant to say that occasionally we see brief flashes of little fantasies that various characters (Zoe, Daly, the stalker) have. The cover image for the DVD is from one of those fantasies, and might be rather misleading... so I guess I'm saying, don't judge a DVD by its cover. I also wanted to say... music is very important. And um... it's hard to categorize this movie. Drama, comedy, thriller... but mostly I just feel like calling it quirky. Partly by that I mean it's a bit outside the normal style of major movies, but mostly I mean... it's definitely an indie, and clearly not a major movie. And while it might lack, in my opinion, some of the charm of really good indie films, and also lacks some of the coolness of major movies... I dunno, it's still good, in its own way. I guess that's all....

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