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Little Shop of Horrors (PG-13)
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So, in 1960 there was a Roger Corman movie called The Little Shop of Horrors, which I didn't see until long after I first saw this remake. The original movie inspired a 1982 Off-Broadway musical. And that, in turn, inspired this 1986 Frank Oz movie, which I did see at some point... it must have played on TV sometime when I was a kid, unless I saw it on VHS, which I doubt. Anyway, many years later I got it on DVD, and now, in 2012, I'm finally rewatching it to write a review. And, you know, to enjoy it. I always thought it was quite funny, and I love all the songs. And it has plenty of great stars whom I know from various other things. There's Rick Moranis as a florist named Seymour Krelborn. And there's Ellen Greene as his coworker, Audrey. The only other thing I really know her from is Pushing Daisies, which came many years after this movie. And there's Steve Martin as a dentist named Orin Scrivello. And um... James Belushi, John Candy, et al. And there's a chorus of three women who sing in a sort of narrative way, I guess. Anyway... I'm putting my review in "musicals," because of course that's what it is, but I'll also link to it from "comedy horror" section.

So. Seymour and Audrey work at Mushnik's Flower Shop, on Skid Row. Business is terrible. But a week before the story starts, Seymour had found a strange and interesting plant, which he called "Audrey II" (because he loves Audrey). But Audrey is dating a sadistic and abusive dentist (Orin, who I mentioned earlier). I'm not sure if Audrey was aware of Seymour's feelings for her, but she just thinks of him as a friend... not because she doesn't have feelings for him, herself, but because she thinks she doesn't deserve him. Anyway, she suggests they put Audrey II on display in the window of the shop, to attract customers. And amazingly, it works. People start coming in in droves. However, Audrey II is a sickly plant. Seymour has tried everything to get it to grow, and nothing works... until one night, when he pricks his finger on a rose thorn, he discovers that the plant wants blood. (Btw, I also wanted to say that ever since I started playing Plants vs. Zombies a couple years ago, the plant called Chomper totally reminds me of Audrey II.)

Anyway, Seymour continues feeding Audrey II his own blood for some time, as business continues to thrive at the shop. And the plant grows quite a bit. And eventually, it begins talking to him, asking him to feed it. But Seymour has been using too much of his own blood, he can't afford to keep doing that. So... it becomes apparent that Orin deserves to die, for the way he treats Audrey. (And, you know, the fact that he's just sadistic in general.) If this were the real world, of course, it would be unacceptable for Seymour to feed anyone to Audrey II, but it's just a movie. (And I'm sure in the real world, dentists aren't like Orin.) So relax. It's cool. Unfortunately... the plant's hunger won't be satisfied with just one person, and eventually Seymour will realize he's made a terrible mistake. His life improves in a number of ways, but the cost is too great. And... that's all I want to say about the plot. I read where this movie has a different ending than the previous incarnations of the story. And I'm not entirely sure it makes sense, but it is more enjoyable, I expect. (Though I really would like to see the original ending, someday.)

So, I dunno what else to say. It's really funny and campy and over-the-top and ridiculous, but there's also some drama and stuff. And just basically fun.

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