tek's rating: meh and a half

Kermit's Swamp Years (G)
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Okay. I guess this first aired on Starz, accourding to Muppet Wiki, less than a month before it premiered on DVD. I thought it was direct to DVD, actually, and it might as well have been, so I'll put it in this section. Anyway, though it has its moments, on the whole it's kinda lame.

It's the story of Kermit when he was a kid, and he and his friends Croaker (the best hopper in the swamp) and Goggles (a toad who seems to be channeling Woody Allen), and a bully of a bullfrog named Blotch, leave the swamp. Blotch and Goggles get captured by a pet store owner, and they and all the frogs there get sold to a high school biology teacher named Dr. Krassman. He has an assistant named Mary. Kermit and Croaker go to rescue their friends, and team up with a dog named Pilgrim. In the end Dr. Krassman turns out to have a reason for why he's so crazy, and he turns nice. Which seemed sort of tacked on and forced, just some way of resolving the story. Which is fine, because it wasn't a very good story. I dunno what else to tell you.

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