I don't remember this film well enough to rate.

K-9 (PG-13)
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I suppose I must've watched this on TV many years ago. I don't think it was that great, but I'm sure it had its moments. I don't really remember that much about it, but there was a cop (played by Jim Belushi) who was teamed up with a dog. I should rewatch the movie someday so I can write a proper review. But at the moment, I'm not even sure where to put this review. Should I have a section for like, cop movies, or crime movies, or something? Maybe comedy? Action? Buddy movies? Even if I watched it again I'd probably have a hard time deciding, so I certainly can't figure it out without seeing it again.

So, what's the point in even starting a page like this? The point is, at the end of the movie there was a cover of "Iko Iko," performed by Amy Holland, which I definitely liked. But I couldn't find a copy of the song online anywhere. Not an mp3, not an album you could buy, nothing. So I decided to make an mp3 of it, myself, by ripping it directly from the movie. Obviously no one can complain about that, since people had a chance to make it available for purchase if they wanted our money. But they clearly don't. ...I did this mainly for my own benefit, however, I do know there are others in the world who would like to get a copy of this song, so, here you go:

Amy Holland - Iko Iko

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