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Beauty and the Beast (PG)
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This is a 2017 live-action/CGI remake of the 1991 animated film of the same name. I first watched it in March 2020, on the weekend that the live-action "Mulan" remake was originally scheduled to open. (But it didn't, because we were having a pandemic at the time, which made one of the scenes in this movie feel uncomfortably coincidental.) Anyway, I don't feel the need to recap the plot here, since it's largely identical to the plot of the 1991 movie. There are enough embellishments to make the new movie more interesting (and some bits darker) than the original, though I'm honestly not sure which movie I actually prefer, overall. And while I'd say I prefer the original versions of the familiar songs, I liked the new versions well enough, too. And the new songs were good, and very Broadway-ish, I think, even if I'm probably not going to remember them as well as the older songs. But I don't want to spoil any plot differences, so I guess really the only other thing I want to do with this review is list some of the cast (at least the actors who were familiar to me already).

Belle is played by Emma Watson. Her father, Maurice, is played by Kevin Kline. LeFou is played by Josh Gad. Lumiere is played by Ewan McGregor (though mostly that's a voice role, and I didn't recognize his voice while watching this, nor did I recognize him even in human form). Plumette is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw (another mostly-voice role, though at least I recognized her when she was human). Cogsworth (another mostly-voice role) is played by Ian McKellen. Mrs. Potts is played by Emma Thompson (mostly-voice, which I didn't recognize, but I did recognize her as a human). I don't think any of the other actors were particularly familiar to me, though at least a couple of names were familiar, and I may have seen some of them in other things. At any rate, I thought everyone did a great job.

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