I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Agent Cody Banks (PG)
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Originally I had this under "spy flicks," but that was before starting the frames system for my reviews. I decided not to have a spy category, instead putting what few spy movies I see under things like "action/adventure" or "comedy" or whatever. This one might as well go under "family," because it's about a teenage spy. It's got enough adventure as well as comedy, but basically I think of it as kid stuff. I don't remember it well, but I'm sure I at least kind of liked it. So someday I might watch it again, and write a better review, or at least give it a rating. There's also a sequel, which I haven't seen, but would probably like to check out, someday. (Edit: I did eventually start a new category for spy flicks, and put a second link to this review there.)

Anyway, Frankie Muniz (of Malcolm in the Middle fame) plays Cody Banks, a junior agent of the CIA. A scientist is being forced by an evil organization called ERIS to create nanites to be used for, you know, world-threatening nefarious purposes. So Cody has to go undercover and get involved with the scientist's daughter, Natalie Connors (Hilary Duff), to get access to her dad's lab and learn what he can about what's going on, and stuff. Cody's "handler," Ronica Miles, is annoyed at having to work with him at first, but she eventually comes to respect him and consider him a partner. And um, hmmm, what else to say? Cody's parents don't know he's a secret agent. His mom is played by Cynthia Stevenson, who we've always liked. Um... anyway, of course the villains are thwarted in the end.

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