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My Super Ex-Girlfriend (PG-13)
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Caution: spoilers.

Okay, I want to try to avoid saying too much about this movie. It was reasonably funny, but not something I expect to ever watch again. It was also weird, vaguely quirky, and um... weird. And kinda scary. It's about this guy named Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson), who meets a woman named Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), and they start going out, after he chases down a purse-snatcher who had, uh, snatched her purse. Meanwhile, his best friend, Vaughn (Rainn Wilson), is um... well, he's just a would-be playa who is interested in nothing but casual, one-night stands (not that he ever gets any). They both work with a woman named Hannah (Anna Faris), who's a good friend of Matt's, though she has a model boyfriend. But it's pretty clear to the audience that Matt and Hannah should be together. Though there's also like a supervisor at work who is constantly accusing Matt of sexually harassing Hannah, though Hannah knows he's not like that, so doesn't file any complaints.

Anyway, it's also clear to the audience from the very start that Jenny is actually a local superheroine called G-Girl. And before long, she reveals her secret identity to Matt, making him swear he'll never tell anyone. At first he's pretty excited about being with a superheroine, but he soon finds that she's kind of crazy, in a paranoid jealous girl kinda way. And she thinks he wants to be with Hannah. Which, to be fair, he kinda did, though I don't think he really realized it, and certainly wouldn't have done anything about it. Still... you really have to expect a hero to act with more restraint than Jenny did, both in the actions that led Matt to break up with her, and especially in the actions she took after he did so. You know the old maxim... how does it go, again? Something like, "With great power, comes great DON'T THROW A DAMN SHARK AT YOUR EX, YOU PSYCHOTIC BITCH!" (Although to be fair, yes... if you're in a totally redonkulous comedy movie, please DO throw a shark, because it's all kinds of awesome.)

Meanwhile, there's this sort of supervillain who calls himself Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard), who is G-Girl's archnemesis. He knows about Jenny's relationship with Matt, and wants Matt to help him neutralize her powers. Which kinda sounds like a good idea. Of course, we also learn about something that happened years ago, when Jenny and Bedlam (aka Barry) went to high school together. And it becomes immediately clear to the audience that they should be together. So basically, this is all just your typical rom-com about mismatched couples behaving badly, until ultimately everyone figures out who they're really meant to be with, and there's a happy ending. Except with super powers thrown into the mix. Honestly, there are just so many cliches in this movie, the only thing that could possibly make it watchable is the super powers amping up the crazy-meter to maximum. And it really was fun to watch once, and there were things about it I really dug. And of course Jenny and Hannah are both hot. And the end was pretty decent. But yeah... it's all just a little too crazy to watch more than once, IMHO.

Oh, btw, there are some amusing, barely-animated closing credits, followed by a bonus scene with Vaughn, before the main closing credits. Also the movie had some decent music. And I guess that's all I can tell you.

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