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Superbad (R)
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Um. So anyway, this isn't typically a genre in which I have much interest, that is, raunchy sex comedy or whatever. Not that there's a lot of sex, thankfully (even though I watched the unrated version, and I can't imagine anything happened in it that couldn't have been in an "R" movie). But I'm not even a big fan of people talking about sex. Still, on occasion it's possible for such a movie to be entertaining. When I watched this, I kept thinking back to "American Pie," which I liked (though I don't remember anything about American Pie 2 except that I didn't like it, and never saw any other movies in the series). And also while watching this movie, I kept thinking of the kind of even older movies of the genre, from like the early 1980s, none of which I've ever seen and probably never will. But anyway, I know a lot of people who think "Superbad" is awesome, and I do like some of the people in it, most notably Michael Cera. And I guess when I saw previews for the movie, years ago, they didn't turn me off the way some movie previews can. I did like the whole idea of a kid getting a fake ID that just has one name on it: "McLovin." Which reminds me, before seeing this movie, I saw a movie which came out a couple years later, Kick-Ass, which is totally different and completely awesome. But Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who plays "McLovin" in this movie, was also in that.

Anyway, so like, there's these three guys who are about to graduate high school. Evan (Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill) have been best friends for years, but now they're going to go to different colleges. And their other friend, Fogell (Mintz-Plasse), is going to go to the same school as Evan. All three of them seem like outsiders, though Fogell is even lamer than the other two, though he seems to think he's cool (which reminds me of Rory from a series I recently watched, My Babysitter's a Vampire). And Fogell plans to get a fake ID, so Seth wants to use him to get alcohol for a party he was invited to by this girl he likes, Jules (Emma Stone). And Evan also wants to get alcohol, for the girl he likes, Becca. Basically, Seth and Evan treat Fogell like crap pretty much all the time, but he still thinks they're friends. Anyway... he gets this ID with the name "McLovin," as I mentioned, which of course Seth thinks no one is going to believe is real, both because of the name and because the ID says he's 25. When he goes to get the alcohol, there's a robbery in the liquor store, which Seth and Evan don't witness, but later they see cops there, and figure Fogell is being busted. So they decide to go off on their own and try to find some other way to obtain alcohol. Meanwhile, the cops, who apparently accept the ID is real, end up taking McLovin with them on a ride-along. So the three of them have a crazy series of adventures, while Seth and Evan have their own crazy series of adventures, before the three friends eventually wind up at Jules's party.

I really don't want to detail any of the craziness that goes on in the movie, either before or after the guys get to the party. It's all utterly ridiculous, but it was fairly funny. And there were a few semi-serious plotlines thrown into the mix. It wasn't a bad movie, and I'm glad to have seen it, though I'm sure I didn't like it nearly as much as fans of this kind of movie did. I don't think I want to ever watch it again, and I certainly couldn't imagine watching it without drinking. And... I dunno what else to say.

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