badass movies

So... once upon a time, I had a category of movie reviews called "ultraviolence," or, to use the full name, "a bit of the old ultraviolence." But I got rid of that. And then there were always a few movies I felt would have best fit in that category, but which I had to find other places for. I always sort of thought maybe someday I'd reinstate that category, or start a "crime films" category, or something. But then, one night I was watching "Boondock Saints" for the first time ever, and it was basically on the DVD screen that comes up just before the screen that gives you the option to start playing the movie, that I had my epiphany: "badass." It's a word I've often used for movies in lots of different categories, but I think it epitomizes the basic concept of the new category I just had to create, once I'd thought of it, to bring all these films together. Yes, these movies include violence. But it is wicked cool violence. (To emulate it in real life would be massively uncool, of course, but... shut up. They're just movies, dammit.) And... what makes a movie (or a character) badass isn't just about the violence. It's more about attitude. Many (but not necessarily all) of the badass characters in these movies are also intelligent, philosophical, erudite, eloquent, and in some cases even deeply religious (however ironic that may seem, given their actions... it's less ironic when you consider the actual history of religion, but I don't want to get onto a tangent). The point is, any asshole can be violent, but it generally takes more than that... whether it's just highly skillful violence, or a demonstration of soul... to qualify as a true badass.

A few years after creating the badass category, I created a category for B-movies. (And some time after that, I finally did also start a crime films category.) This meant I'd have to move a lot of old reviews into the new category, and many of them would end up coming from "badass." It got to the point that I even started thinking about just deleting this category altogether, in favor of the new one, but I don't have the heart for that. Still, there's a lot of crossover. (And also, the color scheme of this category was kind of hard on the eyes, so I decided to change it to the B-movie colors.) Meanwhile, pretty much any category can include movies that likely contain a fair amount of badassery, even if I don't link to them here. But a few of the most likely candidates include:

action/adventure, action web films, comic book movies, crime films, fantasy, film noir, martial arts, scary movies, and science fiction

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