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Wizards (PG)
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A Ralph Bakshi film from 1977. Kind of hard to follow the backstory. I think technology was outlawed like millions of years ago or something, apparently after a nuclear holocaust. At some point two wizards were born, a good one named Avatar and an evil one named Blackwolf. They're thousands of years old when the movie starts, I guess. I'm not entirely certain if there are actually any humans in the movie, exactly. It's mostly elves and fairies and mutants and things. At some point in the past, Avatar and Blackwolf fought, and Avatar won.

Blackwolf went off into some place called Scortch, where everyone is badly affected by radiation and whatnot. He forms a mutant army and builds his magical powers. Sometimes they invade other lands, because Blackwolf wants revenge, but while he wants mutants to rule the world, he apparently wants them to live in untainted lands. He also wants a son who isn't a mutant, but apparently all his potential children are mutants and he has them killed. It's pretty weird. Anyway, his armies always get bored or sidetracked during battles, and just go home. But eventually he makes this projector that displays old Nazi footage to motivate them, and then they start winning. It doesn't hurt their cause that they're pretty much the only ones in the world with technology, either.

Meanwhile, Avatar is living in a kingdom called Montagar, and there's this fairy woman or whatever named Elinore, and an elf named Weehawk. There's an assassin robot called Necron 99 sent by Blackwolf to kill Avatar, I guess, but Avatar turns him good and renames him Peace. These four set off to destroy the projector and kill Blackwolf, and at some point a bunch of elves attack Scortch, too.

It all seems pretty sketchy and hastily thrown together and weird, and kinda trippy I guess. It really doesn't make much sense, but it had its moments. Sort of. I'm vaguely glad to have watched it, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to watch it again. Drugs would probably help a lot, though....

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