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Recess: School's Out (G)
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It begins with an attack on a secret military research installation. A group has come to steal some technology. The leader wants to install this tech in Third Street School. Which is of course the setting of the TV series Recess, upon which this movie is based. The opening scene doesn't last long, then we get to see the last day of school before Summer vacation. Naturally, T.J. and his friends are pulling one last mission. Which is all quite fun, and they can't even be punished for it, because... it's the last day of school.

Then T.J. has all these plans for how he and his friends will spend the Summer. Unfortunately, they all have other plans, each going off to different camps. So Teej is left to his own, just bored all the time. Then he sees some strange stuff going on at school. His parents don't believe him, the cops don't believe him, Principal Prickly doesn't believe him... but he goes along to investigate anyway, and gets zapped. Dematerialized. Eventually, of course, T.J. has to get the gang together to investigate. He does this with the help of his older sister, Becky, who he blackmailed to drive him to the camps to pick up his friends.

T.J. gets captured, and locked in a room with Prickly. Nice to see he's still alive. His friends escaped the ninjas (you know there had to be ninjas), but no one believed them either. So they got Becky to help again, and picked up all the kids from all the camps to come help. Meanwhile Miss Finster was also investigating, thinking T.J. was up to something. Anyway, we eventually learn about the evil plot of the mastermind behind all of this, Dr. Philliam Benedict. We get to see some flashbacks to the 60's, when he and Prickly and Finster had all been in college together, apparently. I won't say anything about his mad scheme, don't want to ruin anything for you. But I don't think it's giving away any surprises to say that the bad guy loses in the end.

Anyway, if you like the series, you should certainly like the movie. It's got all the same charm and humor, a fun story, and plenty of good music. Oh, it definitely seemed like they had fun picking out songs to fit each of the major scenes in this movie... And that's about all I can think to say, I guess.

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