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Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic
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What to say? It's a Stan Lee production, so I would've thought it was based on a comic book I had never read, but actually I think this is an original story. Anyway, there's this high school actress named Maggie Nelson (Anna Paquin), though I think she's drawn more like she should be in college. Her dad is in Interpol, where he works with a woman named Agent Newell. They've apparently been tracking this thief called Manikin (Ron Halder), who's been stealing ancient artifacts from museums around the world, and he happens to be a shapeshifter. And um, I think Maggie's dad had brought home an artifact that Manikin failed to get or something, and then Maggie was struck by lightning or something, and got a bunch of powers like shapeshifting and wallclimbing and super strength and whatnot. She seems to attribute it to her pet chameleon, for some reason.

But actually there's this race of people called Chamelials who evolved in isolation and developed these sorts of powers and some of them imbued the powers into objects or whatever, which is what Manikin has been stealing. The movie has a bunch of stuff about Chamelial society in history and interaction with the human race and some of them wanting to rule the world, including Manikin's wife, who was very powerful, but she's dead now, and he wants to gain her power and rule the world himself. And stuff. Also there's a Chamelial agent called Mosaic (Kirby Morrow), who's pursuing Manikin to stop him. And he teams up with Maggie. Also there's a side story about how Maggie's best friend Stephan (Cam Clarke) is in love with her but can never quite tell her, though he keeps trying. And she's completely oblivious to that. And I think she kind of falls for Mosaic.

Well, anyway. I don't want to say anything about how it ends, except that it seems as if Maggie intends to use her powers as a superhero or whatever, and take on the name Mosaic, herself. The movie was okay, perhaps a bit better than I expected, but also... I dunno, I didn't like it that much. It was just sort of okay, but not really. Meh. If there's a sequel I'd probably watch it. I guess. But I feel no need to ever see this again. There really wasn't anything special about the writing, acting, or animation.

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