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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs
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Caution: potentially spoilerish stuff.

First of all... Leela is incredibly hot on the DVD case.

Secondly, I should say that the previous movie ended with a rip opening in space, which I had totally forgotten by the time I watched this, the second of four DVD movies based on the TV series Futurama. Luckily, I was reminded of that fact after watching the movie, when I reread my review of the first movie. So anyway, this movie starts with... a rip in space. But for awhile, little mind is paid to the rip. Life goes on. Amy and Kif get married. Fry dates a woman named Colleen, though she turns out to have four other boyfriends (and she's still seeing other guys). So Fry decides to leave her, but he's heartbroken about it. And Bender, of course, has a sort of complicated subplot of his own, which involves stalking Calculon, and eventually being admitted into the ostensibly mythical "League of Robots." Meanwhile, Professor Farnsworth mounts an expedition to study the anomaly, and it's discovered that only living things can pass through it into a different universe (which means robots can't pass through).

Um... anyway, Zapp Brannigan is sent on a military mission to... destroy the other universe, or whatever. But that fails, and Kif dies in the process. However, Fry enters the anomaly. Later, he returns to Earth, with a tentacle coming out of his neck, with a message of love from a creature named Yivo, who lives in the other universe, but can't survive in our own (though its tentacles can). Fry becomes the Pope of a new religion of love, which basically entails billions (or quadrillions, or whatever) of tentacles attaching to the necks of pretty much everyone on every planet in our universe. And everyone tries to avoid that, but once the tentacles get them, they're happy and in love with Yivo, or whatever.

Eventually, Kif is resurrected by Yivo, and um... I dunno, other stuff happens, I guess. There's some tension in the relationship between Yivo and everyone in the universe, but eventually everyone agrees to move in to the other universe with Yivo, and everyone's happy. Except Bender, who's been left alone on Earth (with a robot army at his command). Also, there's some amusing bit of heresy that explains away our entire concept of Heaven. And later... well, I don't really want to give anything else away, but obviously things return to normal in the end, and the rift between universes is sealed after everyone returns to our universe. Except... well, there was one other thing I predicted all along, and it came to pass, but I won't spoil it, even though I don't really think it's that important. Oh yeah, and also, I'm not sure of what's going to happen between Amy and Kif at this point, because of... something else that I won't mention. But I will say that Kif finally punches Zapp, which I was really happy to see, after all these years.

So anyway. It was a fairly funny movie, and kind of complicated, with different plotlines that intersect, or whatever. But I didn't like it as much as the first movie. And I guess that's all I can think to say. It's followed by Bender's Game.

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