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The Man in the Moon (PG-13)
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Reese Witherspoon stars in her first movie, as 14-year-old Dani Trant. 17-year-old Court Foster (Jason London) moves back to town with his mom and two younger brothers; his mom and Dani's mom are old friends, who haven't seen each other since Dani's mom was pregnant with her. Dani also has a younger sister and another on the way. More importantly, she has an older sister named Maureen, who apparently used to play with Court when they were both too young to remember. Anyway, Dani falls for Court, who just wants to be friends with her, because she's too young, though I think his feelings are a bit mixed on this matter. It's some time before he sees Maureen after moving back, but when he does... his feelings about her are considerably less mixed. Not too much else I can think to say without giving anything away. But it's a fairly decent movie, definitely worth seeing at least once.

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