St. Patrick's Day 2009

March 15

Few days ago I bought some Irish Cream to have on Tuesday night, after work. Yes, um... because Tuesday will be St. Patrick's Day. Today is Sunday, as I type this. Thrilling, no? Couple days ago, I got a hat to wear, and took a pic of myself to use as my facebook picture for awhile. Here it is:

Um, what else? My sister boiled up a St. Patrick's dinner today. I dunno how much will be left by Tuesday. Oh yeah, also today I started using a new bar of Irish Spring soap. Ah, a St. Pat's tradition! Sort of. Hope I'm not forgetting anything....

March 17

I should say that yesterday, Monday, I got a card in the mail from my parents, along with a check (always appreciated) and a pen, which I have scanned for your amusement:

Today... there's still some of the stuff my sister made on Sunday. I had some after work last night, and I expect I'll have just a bit before work today. At work I intend to wear my hat and maybe play a Chieftains CD and wear the Guinness pin that I mentioned getting last year (see 2008 journal entry). I'm hoping the flashing works. And for Christmas I got this selection of various flavored coffees, actually they're powders, one of them is Irish Cream flavored, I think I'll bring that in to work, see if anyone wants some. I haven't tried it yet, myself. Well, I can't think what else to tell you right now. Chances are I'll update this tomorrow.

March 18

Okay, it's tomorrow. Wednesday. So I'm updating. Let's see. While I listened to my Chieftains CD, there was one song, "Lily of the West," and while listening to it I had an idea to write a parody about Iroh from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," who is called the "Dragon of the West." I dunno if I'll ever get around to writing it, but I should mention it, anyway. And... people liked my hat, and the irish cream cappuccino. And after work I got a Guinness, which was nice, though I was feeling a bit depressed. Then I went home, had most of my real Irish Cream while watching "How I Met Your Mother" and "Reaper." (Toward the end of Reaper, in a bar, someone was singing "Danny Boy," it was sort of a wake or something, for Les Nessman... a name familiar to fans of WKRP in Cincinatti, but here a fake name Sock had been using to collect an extra paycheck, but... the imaginary employee got killed off. It's complicated. Still, an Irish song being sung in the background, just thought I'd mention that.)

Um... Also at the end of the night I put on the Guinness thing, which wasn't a pin but a sticker, actually. And here it is the next afternoon, still blinking. So I took a picture. I thought it'd be cool to take a picture with the light and without it, then make an animated gif, but that's just too tricky with a camera phone, I can't hold it steady enough to make pics identical enough for that. Oh well. I'll just use the pic with the light on. Which was trickier to capture than the light off. And... I don't reckon I can think of anything else to say about the holiday, so, see you next year....

Oh yeah, also I did have a Shamrock Shake.

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