St. Patrick's Day 2004

Feb. 28 March 4 March 17 March 23

So you'll be aware that I tend to write about a holiday over a period of at least a few days instead of just the actual holiday, right? Um, today is Saturday, and I started reworking my St. Pat's page like Tuesday or Thursday, I don't remember which. Now I'm finishing up some of the reworking of it... Hopefully I'll add more later, though I can't think what, other than adding to this journal. I just made a journal page for last year, sort of. Anyway... Maybe I'll also write about the Fourth O' March, which is a fictional holiday I made up for my Star Trek fanfic...

March 4

Well, I wanted to get some Killians today, but I'm kinda broke, so I don't suppose that'll happen. However, I did start using a new bar of soap, a knockoff of Irish Spring, which I got from the Dollar General store.

Okay, now it's much later in the day, and I'm going to tell you everything I did since I wrote the last paragraph. My sister and I went shopping this morning, and she had me write out a bad check since she's going to deposit my paycheck for me tomorrow. That should be in time, right? Anyway, I figured since I'm buying groceries with currently nonexistent money anyway, i might as well get some Killian's. And so I did. But I never had much of a chance to drink it. But I had one bottle just now while watching the premiere of Tripping the Rift, which was okay, I guess. The beer was okay, too. Also my sister got me a shamrock shake in the afternoon. Yay! And I watched my tape of this week's Smallville and Angel. And I wrote part eight of a story and worked on my Chaos homepage. Not a bad day but now I really should go to bed, because tomorrow is work. Oh and I played some Pokemon Silver with my Yu Yu Hakusho theme. And watched an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. That's all I think. Mostly.

March 17

Happy St. Pat's to ya! I had some Irish oat meal this mornin'. One bowl plain, then a bowl with some blackberry syrup. Yum! I hoped my Irish Cream Gevalia would come by today but it hasn't, alas. However I have some Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide. And some Brogans Irish Cream Liqueur, good stuff it is too. Caught up on some tape watching though I've a bit to go yet. Nothin' worth mentionin' here, but if yer interested ya may check out me blog. I'm wearin' a green shirt. It has dragons on it so it's kinda Japaneseish, but them's a couple of my favorite countries, Ireland and Japan. Theoreticallylike. Makes me think I should work some more on my old Immortal Octopi story which I haven't touched in quite some time, but we'll see. I can't think quite what else to say right now, but maybe I'll say more later. Just thot I'd get an update in. Later!

March 23

Okay, um... let's see. On the 17th I listened to the Chieftains and also the Cranberries. That night my sister brought some like corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and whatever from our aunt and uncle's place, but I was already in bed for the night cuz she got home real late. I had some the next day. Yesterday my Irish cream coffee from Gevalia arrived and I had some this morning. As artificially flavored Irish cream coffee goes, it wasn't bad. But that's not saying much. I think I'll just stick to putting real Irish cream in regular coffee, cuz Irish cream flavored coffee just never tastes right. Okay... that's probably all I can think to say for this year. I guess. See y'all next year, then....

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