Independence Day 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012. The last Independence Day ever, since the world's gonna end in December. You'd think the last one would be a great one, but so far it's just okay. Went to the lake around 1pm, had a bunch of good food, got to see some relatives. But it's a very grey day out, and kind of cool. Certainly not swimming weather, or anything. Hopefully it won't rain tonight when it's time for fireworks. Um... but as I write this, it's only 4 o'clock. So... I'll update later.

Okay, updating like 12:30am. First of all, I meant to say earlier that this year, fireworks became legal to buy in Maine. There've always been people- not us- who obtained fireworks and set them off at the lake, in years prior. But now I think a lot more people had fireworks than usual. We didn't have a lot, because the good ones are like crazy expensive. But anyway... around 8pm, I went on a boat ride around the lake with my cousins and a couple of girls they know. There was supposed to be a boat parade... I mean, every Fourth of July there's supposed to be one, but there often isn't a lot of participation. I heard that last year my cousins were the only ones who did it. One boat... not exactly a parade. This year there were like four boats, at least for a while. The parade lasted over an hour, and we didn't really make a full circuit of the lake. But anyways, it was fun. Also my cousins made a fire before the parade, which was kept going during the parade, and was still there when we got back. We saw a ton of fireworks during the parade, and some more when we got back. Including one thing I guess my sister had gotten. And also my cousins set off a couple of Chinese lantern balloon things, which are cool. And I sat around playing mp3s on a little speaker. Mostly, of course, I was uninvolved in the conversations my cousins and their friends had around the fire, but I suppose I talked a little. Anyway, it was fun. I hope I'm not forgetting anything important I wanted to say. Well, I had hoped I might do some writing today, but I never got around to it. Which isn't surprising.

But anyway. Um. I had no alcohol at all. Which surprisingly, didn't bother me at all. And eventually my cousin Luke drove me home. I should say, I moved back to New Sweden from Bangor last August, and I think at the time, there was a bottle of wine in the fridge which my Mom had used for cooking something... I have no idea how long before I moved back. But there was probably about half a glass left in the bottle. Which I drank tonight when I got home. Not enough to count as drinking, really. Also I had one can of Twisted Tea left, so now I'm drinking that. But again, it's not enough to count as drinking.

And yeah, I can't think of anything more to say. I should go to bed now. It's late and I'm tired. Also, most of my cousins are going back to their own homes in a few days, so I won't get to see them again til I don't know when. Hopefully I get to spend some time with them over the next two days... but that has nothing to do with Independence Day, so... whatever. Now I'll just say "Good night, dear readers," and click "save," and shut off my computer, and try to sleep.....

July 9

So it's Sunday night slash Monday morning, almost 1am. I'm late watching this week's installment of the Flog, or actually I suppose now I could call it last week's Flog. But anyway, I watched it now, and discovered it was a Fourth of July episode. So I thought I should mention that here.

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