Independence Day 2009

Well, it's Saturday, 4th of July. Um... yesterday my sister drove up to New Sweden, but I had to work yesterday night, so I didn't go. It's a shame not to see my folks, but I do hope to see them sometime this summer. May or may not happen, I dunno. But anyway, it's nice to have the apartment to myself for the day.

A couple days ago, I was considering getting either a mixpack of Twisted Tea or a mixpack of Sam Adams. I went with the tea. That was Thursday, I guess, and today I had 3 bottles left. I kind of thought it'd be nice to pick up the Sam Adams mixpack, but I didn't really have enough money for a 12-pack, so I just got a 6-pack of Boston Lager. I'd also been thinking about buying some morning glory sparklers, but I decided against it.

It's been raining a great deal for the past few weeks, and of course there was some rain today, but also patches of sunshine. I barbecued some hamburgers and hot dogs. Also got a can of Pringles. And what else? We've got Bomb Pops. Finished up the watermelon and pineapple that've been in the fridge for awhile now.

Went down to Main St. tonight and watched some fireworks for a few minutes. That was fun. Aside from that, my day's been pretty normal. Watched the latest eps of "The Secret Saturdays" and "Pokemon," added some screencaps from each to my galleries. Watched a DVD of "Hoot" and wrote up a review. Um... Did a little reading earlier in "Prelude to Foundation." Did normal internet stuff, whenever there was no thunder going on. Oh, right, earlier in the day I also saw a bit of a parade, but I dunno... kinda boring, mostly just vehicles you could see any day of the year. *shrug* It was alright, though.

Now... waiting for "Bleach" to come on, later. Meantime I suppose I could watch another DVD, or work on my writing, or work on a different gallery with some pics that've been sitting in a folder for a long time. I dunno. Whatever I do, it doesn't matter much, it wouldn't be particularly Fourth of July-ish. But the important thing is I didn't have to work tonight. Which is always nice. Oh yeah, also did three loads of laundry today, w00t. (That was a sarcastic w00t.) So anyway, I guess I should just shut up for now....

Update, Sunday, July 5. Before work I went to Walmart, where I happened to see Firecracker chocolate bars made by Chuao Chocolatier, which has chipotle peppers and popping candy. Kinda wish I would've had it for yesterday, but whatevs. It was pretty good. I gotta try their other flavors....

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