Independence Day 2007

June 27 July 4

Well, recently I saw some "Stripes and Blues" Terra Chips in the store, and decided I'd have to get them for the Fourth. Eventually. Today I did get them. I'm planning on taking them upstate in a few days when Beth and I visit the family. But I'll head back to Bangor, alone, probably on the 3rd, which means I'll be trying the chips early. Doesn't matter, I'm sure I'll like them, and I hope others do as well...

July 4

Um... on June 30, I started the bag of Stripes & Blues Terra chips with my cousins. They didn't eat that many, but I had a fair amount. Good stuff. And now I'm back in Bangor, by myself, and I've had some more of the chips today. I should finish up the bag, which I have just scanned, so check it out.

What else? Yesterday I made some punch, using raspberry ZaRex (yes, they do still apparently make it, and I actually found some), pineapple juice, and citrus frost soda, and threw in some rainbow sherbet for good measure. I'm thinking of taking some to work tonight. Yes, I must work on the Fourth of July. I suppose I'll miss all the fireworks. Ah well. Also I was looking for some Firecracker Popsicles. I found some, not the kind I wanted, though. I do want to try the kinds I saw, but I didn't get them. Depression, I guess. But maybe there's a chance I'll get some today. I rather doubt it, though. Of course, there's always tomorrow. Or... sometime. We'll see.

Um... there were supposed to be the last couple eps of "Drive" on Fox tonight, but they've been moved to July 13, which I suppose is good. Um... I watched a couple eps of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl today. The second one was "O'er the Rampardos We Watched," which I thought was an apropos title to watch today. Well, I don't think there's anything else to say right now. Not really doing anything special for the holiday, I'm afraid. But there's stuff to catch up on, on the DVR, from the days I was away. And screencapping to do from some anime.... Pretty much the same stuff I do every day....

Later that night... Well, the restaurant where I work closed at 8 instead of 10, so I thought I might actually have a chance to see a bit of the local fireworks display, but I didn't actually get out of work until 9:50, yes, nearly 2 hours after we closed. Sigh. So it was all over by then. I did go to walmart, however, where I bought a few things, including the Firecracker Popsicles I wanted. They have like pop rocks in the tips. Also got a bag of peanuts. And stuff. Now here I am, home. Cooking supper after 11pm. Little dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, and tater tots, or whatever. Yay. Um. What else was I gonna axe you? Meh, I dunno, there probably wasn't anything else. I think I'll watch some Toonami Jetstream or something. Oh, and have some Sam Adams "Summer Styles."

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