Halloween 2012

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So... sometime last month Farmville started doing a "Haunted Hollow" farm. I'm afraid I'm not very enthusiastic about it, but at least I'm making some small effort to do something with it. In other news... last month I was thinking that maybe this month I'd try to watch one Halloweenish movie every day in October, but here it is, six days in, and so far I haven't gotten around to that. Although I will mention that yesterday was the theatrical premiere of Tim Burton's new Frankenweenie movie, which... I'm sure I won't get to see for quite awhile. Maybe next Halloween, if there is a next Halloween (don't forget, the world is supposed to end this December). We'll see. But at least tonight I have rewatched the original Frankenweenie short film, and written a review. Also rewatched and reviewed Burton's earlier short film Vincent. Both of those things are Halloweenish enough. And they are bonus features on the "Nightmare Before Christmas" DVD. I was thinking since I have that in my laptop to watch those shorts, maybe I'd watch the movie itself. But... meh, it's late, and I'm tired. I just want to sleep. Anyway, I can't remember if I had anything else Halloween-related to mention. The holiday is still a good ways off, though. Oh... tomorrow night there are some Halloween episodes of Fox's animated series, including the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror. I don't think that's happened this early before, though I could be wrong. But I don't think I'll bother watching that stuff, anyway. Except maybe The Cleveland Show, which is the season premiere... at 7:30, since I have nothing else to watch at that time. But at 8 I expect I'll just watch "Once Upon a Time" on ABC. The Fox stuff I should be able to watch online closer to the holiday, I would think.

Oct. 15

Finally, halfway through the month, I started on my plan to watch "scary" movies every day. Okay, not every day, because... half the days are gone already. And time will tell if I keep this up for the other half. But whatevs, today I watched Lost Boys: The Tribe.

Oct. 19

So, yeah, things came up, and I haven't watched any DVDs for a few days. But tonight I watched 28 Days Later.

Oct. 24

Um... yesterday I started reading Batman: The Long Halloween, though I'm not sure how Halloweeny it's actually going to be. I'm going to try to read bits of it throughout the next week, leading up to Halloween. Meanwhile, today I picked up some Unfiltered Pumpkin Ale to try on Halloween. Also got some caramel apple taffy. And I had a pumpkin latte from Tim Horton's. Guess that's all for now, but there should be more to say later.

Later: watched Halloween episodes of "The Middle", "The Neighbors", "Modern Family", and "Suburgatory". So that was fun. And I watched a Halloween episode of "Written By a Kid" called The Zombie Spider.

Oct. 25

Today I watched last night's episode of "South Park," which was basically a parody of "The Shining" in which Randy bought a Blockbuster Video store. Also the kids dressed up as the Avengers for Halloween. And there was a "Gangnam Style" gag. Later, watched "Big Bang Theory." Raj helped Stuart plan a Halloween party at the comic shop. Sheldon and Amy argued about couple costumes. There were some other plot points, but they weren't really Halloweeny. I suppose I should mention everyone's costumes, though. Amy and Sheldon went as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy C-3PO; Penny and Leonard went as a sexy cop and Albert Einstein. Howard and Bernadette went as Smurfs. Raj went as "Indian Jones." And I think Stuart was Willy Wonka.

Oct. 26

Watched Mockingbird Lane, which was sort of hosted by David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell (Nick and Monroe from Grimm), followed by a Halloween episode of Grimm itself. Monroe had an amusing sidestory about trick-or-treaters, while Nick and Hank investigated a child abduction case that was actually about a ghost called La Llorona, from a Mexican folktale.

Oct. 27

So um... read some Halloween comics on Neopets, and started doing the Haunted Faire on that site, as well. There are four more days of it to do (I actually did the first two days of quests today). I guess that's all to say for now, but hopefully I'll watch some DVD later. (edit: I eventually watched Blood: The Last Vampire.)

Oh, probably a few weeks ago my sister bought me a pumpkin. Today she scooped the guts out so she can bake the seeds. Later, I carved the pumpkin. Later still, she took a pic with her iPad (since I no longer have a cell phone I can use). So, here it is:

Oct. 28

Yesterday I recorded an episode of "The Haunting Hour," which I generally don't watch. But it guest starred Rico Rodriguez from "Modern Family" and it was about La Llorona. Watched it today; of course, Grimm's version was better. Also, since this is the last Sunday before Halloween, today I am using Hulu for the watching of Fox's Halloween episodes of shows from Oct. 7. Started with "The Cleveland Show," which was okay. Then there was "American Dad," which actually wasn't Halloweeny at all. Then "Family Guy," which also wasn't Halloweeny at all. What the H? I could've sworn Fox said every show that night was gonna do Halloween episodes. But then I watched "Bob's Burgers," in which the kids went trick-or-treating on a rich island or whatever, while Bob and Linda went to Teddy's Halloween party... which turned into a tragedy. Sort of. Then I capped it all off with "The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XXIII." Which, naturally, started with ancient Maya predicting the end of the world in 2012... and then flashing forward to the present, in which the world was destroyed by Mayan gods. The next story had a new supercollider creating a black hole that ended up swallowing everything in Springfield. Then there was a parody of the "Paranormal Activity" movies (which I haven't seen). Finally there was a "Back to the Future" parody, which also had a fair bit of self-referential stuff based on old Simpsons episodes. Anyways, I'd say this is probably the best Treehouse of Horror I've seen in years.

Also today I decorated my message board for Halloween, including using javascript to put some floating images on the front page. I haven't done that in awhile, since the script I used to use only worked on Internet Explorer, but for some years now I've been using Chrome (or before that Firefox). But today I went looking for a new script that would work cross-browser, and I found one. Yay.

And... tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time was somewhat Halloweenish, given the identity of a certain character, which was finally revealed....

Oct. 29

So, last Friday I did some yard work for Grandma for a couple hours, followed by a few hours of raking leaves for my cousin Eileen. Didn't get all the raking done, but I did more than enough for one day. Then Saturday I couldn't finish the job because my arthritic ankle was bothering me too much. And Sunday was Sunday, of course. But now it's Monday. I finished the job, another few hours of raking, in time to avoid Hurricane Sandy. Yay. And as I was raking, at one point I was thinking, what could be more Autumny than raking leaves? Nothing, that's what. And "Autumny" is almost synonymous with "Halloweeny," so I thought I might as well mention it here.

Um... and I guess the only other thing to mention for today is that I watched the new episode of The Flog, which was sort of Halloweeny, I guess. Oh! And and and, I remembered a couple of old anthology series to add entries for in my TV reviews' anthology series section: "Night Visions" and "Strange Frequency." Those are sort of Halloweeny, sort of. So it's cool (and completely coincidental) that I happened to think of them now.

Oct. 30

So, I had some pumpkin spice coffee this morning. It was pretty good. And tonight I watched Halloween episodes of "Ben and Kate", "New Girl", and "Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23".

Oct. 31

Well, this is it. The day itself. Um... so I woke up this morning and did some internets, I guess. Including the last day of Halloween questing on Neopets. And watched an episode of Warehouse 13 on Hulu. Not a Halloween episode, but there was definitely some scary stuff going on. Read a chapter of The Long Halloween... just a couple more to go, and I'll get them done sometime today. And I'm having more pumpkin spice coffee. And played a bit of my current game of Pokemon Sapphire. I think it was in late September that I started a game of Pokemon Yellow where I called myself Octo, planning to mostly play it in October. Finished it probably less than halfway through October, and started this game of Sapphire, also calling myself Octo. I've been at the Elite Four for awhile now, but I haven't beaten them all yet. I'd like to do that today, if I can. But I'd also like to watch as many Halloweenish movies as I can. I'm really annoyed at myself for having failed to watch many throughout the month, as I originally planned. But most of the time I just haven't been in the mood.

First DVD I watched today was Child of Glass. Then I watched Young Frankenstein. Then The Cabin in the Woods. It is now ten o'clock. I should soon start watching a fourth movie, and it is with that one that I shall begin drinking my pumpkin ale. And... what I watched was Sleepy Hollow. And then I watched Fright Night, and now it's like 4am, so definitely time to try to sleep. Oh btw, I did not beat my Pokemon game yet, but I got close. And I did finishe reading The Long Halloween, but I shall do my review later.

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