Halloween 2009

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April, you ask? April?!? Well, yes. I happened to download the song "Slayer" by Joker's Daughter, and thought it sounded like something I'd want to put on my Halloween mp3 player here. So I uploaded it and added it to the list. I hope you like. And now... it should be a goodly number of months before I do anything else for Halloween, but you never know... BTW, it's midnight as I type this. Ooh, spooky! (So now it's April 22.) Oh yeah, also I'm trying some Mike's Hard Pomegranate Punch for the first time tonight. Not bad. And I tend to associate pomegranate with Autumn... just like Halloween.

August 9

Stores are starting to get Halloween stuff out, of course. Way too early, but I'm used to that. Hell, I've seen Christmas stuff, already. Anyway, I was in Shaws today, and while I'd never buy Halloween candy this early (though just buying candy and eating it whenever is okay, even if it's technically "for" Halloween, in the mind of the store, it don't matter none)... well, I picked up a bat Pez dispenser. Just thought I'd mention it.

September 21

My birthday. My sister gave me some Halloween stuff. There's a Tinker Bell "trick or treat" tin, a talking plushie of Lucy in her costume from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," a hand towel with black cats and jack-o-lanterns, and a set of purple string lights. Also on this day, I got myself some Pumpkinhead ale. I'm not sure if there was anything else for me to mention about this day, but I should say I'm typing this up a few days later... after watching the series premiere of "Eastwick." And um, yeah, I guess that's all, for now....

Oct. 5

Watched a Halloween episode of "Zeke & Luther," in which the guys got a skateboard off the internet, which turned out to be possessed or whatever. Meanwhile, Ginger was selling knockoff candy, while Stinky Cast tried to scare her so she'd go trick-or-treating with him. Dunno what else to say....

Oct. 6

Watched "Halloweentown II" and wrote up a review. I think I may have seen this movie before, I don't even remember for sure. But anyway. Now I've definitely seen and reviewed it. Every year I kind of hope to see the Halloweentown movies in order so I can review them. I did the first one... in 2006. It definitely wasn't the first time I'd seen that movie. In my journal for that year, I said I'd seen the first few movies before, but at this point I seriously doubt I've seen the third, and I know I haven't seen the fourth. But... hope springs eternal. Maybe I'll get to those two movies sometime this month, or maybe I'll wait for a future year. We'll see....

Oct. 7

Season premiere of South Park involved ghosts of celebrities, since a bunch of them died over this past summer. I guess that's kind of Halloweeny. Also there was an episode of Aaron Stone in which Aaron was injected with a dream chip that let an enemy called Tranq, who looked like some kinda voodoo witch doctor, enter his dreams. And it was Halloween, and Aaron, aka Charlie, his brother Jason was planning a Halloween event at school. That's all I can say for now (though honestly, I mostly watch this show just cuz Emma is so cute).

Oct. 8

I was at Walgreens, where I saw a few sacks of gum chips. I've seen such little drawstring sacks with gold nugget gum of course, and Santa's coal gum, but never Halloween gum. Well, if there's one thing you know about me, it's that I like collecting little drawstring sacks, so I got all three. The jack-o-lantern sack had orange flavored gum, the skull had strawberry, and the witch had green apple.

Oct. 10

Saturday. Watched last night's episode of "Psych" today. There was a guy who thought he was a werewolf. In other news, today's episode of "Super Hero Squad Show" had some weird magic going on, I suppose that's vaguely... whatever. Later on, watched last night's ep of "Smallville," which had a virus that turned everyone into zombies. Pretty decent makeup and effects. Scary.

Oct. 18

Well, tonight was the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episode. It's odd for it to air so early, a couple weeks before Halloween, when usually it airs after Halloween, but whatevs. Um... There was like this football game or something, Mr. Burns announced a half-time sneak peek at the forthcoming Jim Carrey movie "A Christmas Carol." And during the opening credits there was this whole thing where Dracula, Mummy, Wolfman, and Frankenstein put on costumes and went to Homer's Halloween party. As for the actual stories, in one Bart proposed he and Lisa criss-cross crimes. He killed Ms. Hoover, expecting Lisa to kill Mrs. Krabappel, though she didn't want to do that. In another story, everyone turned into zombies (or "munchers"), but it turned out Bart was immune, so his family tried to get him to the Safe Zone to use him to cure everyone else. Finally, there was a play in which Moe used Homer's blood as a secret ingredient in his beer, and tried to convince Marge that Homer had left her, so she'd get together with him (Moe). Yep. Fun stuff. And I guess that's all I have to say for now.... Except that every year I say Halloween isn't really over until Treehouse of Horror airs. I guess I can't do that this year. Oh well....

You know, now that I think of it, last night I finished reading the book "hairstyles of the damned," and the final chapter was set at a Halloween party in 1991. I don't really have anything else to say, it's not important, but I might as well mention it. I need to write up a review of the book, but it has nothing to do with Halloween, so... whatever.

Oct. 22

Well, a couple days ago I bought a box of Boo Berry cereal. Just had my first bowl of it today. Yummy. I think in recent years it's tasted different than I remembered. I'm not sure, but I think this year it tastes like it used to...

Oct. 25

So, last night (Saturday), after work, I watched a few things on the DVR, including a Halloween episode of "The Troop," in which Hayley had set up a haunted house for charity. But Jake's little sister said it wasn't scary. Meanwhile, there was a power outage at Troop HQ, and Jake had to stay behind to look after things while Stockley went out to get things to repair the system, and Felix went out trick-or-treating in a costume he'd made, that looked just like some real monster. And a bunch of monsters escaped from the Troop HQ, one of which wanted to mate with Felix. Now that's scary.

Anyway, it was technically Sunday by the time I watched that. Then I went to bed, but just lay awake for hours. Stupid insomnia. Finally got a few hours of sleep. Tonight I must work again, and after that, I think I'm going to a Halloween party....

Oct. 26

So, the party was... meh. Not my scene. It was in an Elks lodge. It was kinda dark. The music was loud and the sound system sucked. And there were alot of drunk people, which is always annoying. But I had a few beers (not enough to get drunk) and some pizza. And it's nice to at least try to be social.

Anyway. Tonight's "Heroes" had a sorority hazing style o' fing which was set in a slaughterhouse. That's kinda scary. And more importantly, tonight's "Castle" had Castle dress up as a "space cowboy" for Halloween, actually like Malcolm Reynolds of "Firefly," which is freakin' awesome because Nathan Fillion, who plays Castle, also played Mal in that series. But that was at the start of the episode, a few days before Halloween. By the end of the episode, he actually dressed as Poe. Meanwhile, the actual case he and Beckett are investigating involves people who think they're vampires, or at least pretend to be as, like, a way of life. Sort of. There was also a "Buffy" reference, which is neat when you consider "Firefly" was made by Joss Whedon, who also created Buffy. Oh, also, Alexis went to a Halloween party the night before Halloween.

Oct. 27

Well. This morning I was channel surfing and caught an episode of LazyTown I hadn't seen before, though I probably missed about 10 minutes of it. There was this supposedly haunted, leaning castle, and the kids got stuck in it, and Robbie dressed as a ghost. Though he wasn't in the castle, he chased Ziggy around (who wasn't in the castle with the others). Meh.

Well. I went out and bought Naruto uncut volume 16, so I could watch the last several episodes that were never aired on Cartoon Network, because Naruto Shippuden begins airing tomorrow night on Disney XD. So I took several hours watching that. I was thinking I might watch a movie after that, I have so many DVDs I need to watch, you know. But I ended up watching the Scream awards on Spike, instead. I never watched that before, but someone from work had mentioned it awhile ago. So I decided to check it out. It's for stuff like sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and horror. Actually it was fairly horror-heavy, which isn't a genre I'm big into, but whatever. And um, most of the awards were given to people or things I wouldn't have voted for, some in fact to the last nominee I would have voted for. But it was still a fun show. and I could still watch a DVD now that it's over, but honestly, I'd just rather go to sleep. Sigh. Oh, yeah, I also got some apple cider flavored candy corn.

Oct. 28

There was a Halloween special on NBC, which I watched after work: Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space. It was kind of fun, even though I haven't seen the movie it's based on, yet. Um... and I was gonna watch Eastwick, but it's getting pretty late, so I'll just go to bed. Oh wells. Hope I'm not forgetting anything....

Oct. 29

Yeah, I forgot to say I got a Halloween card from my grandmother yesterday, with a check for $10. This morning I watched last night's Eastwick. It was Halloween on the episode, I dunno what else to say about that. Um, and my sister's been upstate for a week, visiting our folks, and she came back today. She brought a Halloween card from Mom, with $10 in it. Also something else I asked her to bring back with her, which I'll use as an accessory for a costume, if I can afford to pick one up tomorrow or Saturday....

Um. And I was gonna see about putting up this string of lights my sister bought me for my birthday last month. For Halloween. But half the lights on the string didn't light up, and I can't figure out what to do about it. Stupid lights. What else? After work I was gonna watch Supernatural, but in recent weeks the sound has been wonky on my local CW. Can't hear dialog, just music and sound effects. It's weird. So anyway, I'm downloading the episode. If the CW ain't workin' right, I has no choice. Meanwhile, I watched Community, in which Annie threw a Dia de los Muertos party, while Jeff went to a faculty Halloween party to try to pick up a teacher. Also watched 30 Rock. I guess it was Halloween on the episode, but it wasn't that important. Liz and Jack went to Kenneth's hometown looking for a comic to be a new actor on the show. Tracy worried about dying because of the "rule of threes," when two other famous people died. Frank, Toofer, and Lutz tried to use Jenna to get into a gay Halloween party (since she's friends with gay guys), so they could meet hot girls, while she pretended to be friends with them so they'd write her good scenes on the show. And now that I've mentioned all that (and played some Farkle on facebook) it seems my download of Supernatural is complete. Btw, I got some Woodchuck hard cider to drink.

Okay, watched that. A very old he-witch poker player, with years of life as stakes. Not really Halloweeny, but whatever.

Oct. 31

So let's see. Yesterday I went out and bought a costume. Cost me a day's pay. Thought actually I wouldn't have been able to get it if not for the money from Mom and Grandma, so I guess technically it's half a day's pay and half... whatever. Wish I could take a picture of myself in the costume to share online, but... my damn phone won't let me upload pictures. Some bloody upgrade. It has the ability technically, but... it just won't do it. Sigh.

After work, watched Thursday's ep of FlashForward. It was Halloween on the episode. Once again tried watching Smallville, and I couldn't hear the dialog. Stupid CW needs to fix that. Anyway, finished up my hard cider last night. This morning I had some BooBerry cereal.

Anyway, today is actually Halloween. Aside from the BooBerry, I haven't done anything Halloweeny yet, and I'm not sure what to do. There's a party later, but not til like 10pm, which is pretty late, for me. It starts around the time I'd prefer to leave a party. But whatevs. I need to go and be social and see friends and have a damn use for my costume. It'll be fun. I'd like to watch scary movies today, but I can't really do that with my sister here, cuz she hates such things, even if she was in a different room with the door closed, she wouldn't want to hear it, even if it was turned so low I couldn't hear it. Bah!

But anyway. It's gonna be a good day. And night. I suppose. I shall have to update later. Hope I haven't forgotten to say anything so far.... Oh, and I added a comic to the AV page, but I had to scan it because it isn't on the official site yet. So it's not great. But maybe it'll show up later, and if I think of it in the future, I can replace the pic here. We'll see.

My sister and I went to the mall. Lots of people in costumes, though mostly kids of course. Though I there were some adults (I think) dressed as Meatwad and Master Shake. No Frylock, though. And a couple kids dressed as Mario and Luigi. Anyway, later went to Walmart, where I picked up a DVD of "Trick r Treat," which hopefully I'll find time to watch tonight. I dunno.

Nov. 1

So, yeah. I went to the party a little after 10, and left a little after midnight. Had a few beers, a very little bit of Jagermeister. I dunno, though, as usual, it really wasn't my scene. The music was too loud, there was hardly anyone I knew there. But it was nice to see Tyson and Danica. Maybe a few other familiar faces, though they're the only ones I really exchanged more than a couple words with. Anyway, I'm glad I went, but I do wish I could go to parties that are more my style. Whatever. Came home, had a couple bottles of Gritty's Halloween ale while watching Trick 'r Treat. It was okay. I'm glad I watched it, but I dunno if I feel the need to ever see it again, so I probably won't keep the DVD, and I dunno if I'll even bother writing a review. Probably not.

Um, this morning, I started watching this thing I recorded a couple days ago, "Halloween on Ice," but I wasn't feeling it, so I deleted it before very long. And that should be just about the end of my Halloween for 2009....

Nov. 2

Um, yeah, but I think I forgot to mention that last month I started reading "The Monster of Minnesota," which I believe is the first book in the News From the Edge series. It's about a lake monster, sort of. At least, a reporter for a national tabloid paper that's investigating a possible lake monster. I dunno, it's a fun read, not really Halloweeny or anything, but sort of. I want to read the rest of the series when I finish this. Also last month I started watching the anime series "Monster," which is about a serial killer whose life was saved by a doctor when he was a kid, and now the doctor is trying to track him down and stop him from killing. And finally, today I started playing "Vampire Wars" on facebook. I wish I would've started before Halloween, but I wasn't really aware of it. It's addictive already, but I'm still just working on leveling up my character, who I named Grrargh. Which is actually the name of a vampire I've been planning on creating in a book I'm going to hopefully write someday....

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