Halloween 2008

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Um. So, I'm starting this today, just to talk about something from a couple days ago. Well, today is Friday, and I should mention that a new vampire show called True Blood started this past Sunday on HBO. Which I don't get, but I watched the first ep for free On Demand. (Ain't digital cable grand?) But I didn't get around to it until... Wednesday night. I want to say that on Tuesday night, I had gotten some Pumpkinhead Ale, and that night I had a few bottles while watching the series premiere of "The Fringe." And Wednesday night, I picked up some Long Trail "harvest" brown ale. Had a bit of that and a bit of the Pumpkinhead while watching "True Blood." Yep, good stuff to drink while watching such things, I suppose. And it really is starting to feel like Fall out, already. And to me the definitive night of Fall is Halloween. So I'm gettin' in the mood. Anyway... need to watch a few more eps of Fringe before I decide about it, but the pilot was okay. I think I liked True Blood a bit more, and definitely want to see how it develops, but... I expect future eps won't be free, so we'll just see if I'm willing to pay for them every week. And... that's all for now, but I look forward to making more entries soon.

Oh, no, wait. I should also mention that... awhile back I moved my holiday pages to new subdirectories, as you might have noticed, and fixed up a few problems that had occurred on my sights & sounds page since last Halloween. I think I'll be adding some more stuff to that page, as well....

Sept. 19

It's Friday. Again. Um... last weekend our parents visited, and Dad brought me a couple things. There's a cackling skull and a monster in a box. A few days ago, I picked up a tin at walmart that I was looking at last year, but didn't get. It has 2 CDs, a DVD, and a booklet of ghost stories. Today at Target, I got a Domo-kun plushie. They had four different varieties that are dressed up for Halloween, and I was thinking of getting the Frankenstein's monster one, but instead I got one that wasn't dressed up at all, since that'll be good all year long. Also got some candy corn Hershey's kisses. Oh yeah, also this morning I watched the second ep of True Blood. I still need to get around to writing up an introductory review of the series. (There's a link in the previous entry, but as of this moment there's nothing there but links, basically.) And the episode was free, so this gives me hope for the rest of the series. If this keeps up... why does anyone even bother subscribing to premium channels anymore? Also got a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. And I looked around in Spirit Halloween at the mall, but didn't get anything. Maybe I will later, though, we'll see. Um... I think I've mentioned everything, for now. Oh yeah, here's some pictures:

Sept. 26

I seem to be making a habit of posting in this journal on Fridays. It wasn't planned that way. But it could work out, since Halloween will be on a Friday this year... Anyway, what have I meant to say? On my birthday (the 21st), my sister gave me some Reese's peanut butter pumpkins. And um, I've tried Blue Moon's Harvest Moon Pumpkin ale, which was decent. And saw some other pumpkin ale I need to try sometime. And today I finally got around to starting the "True Blood" review I promised earlier. And now I'm probably forgetting things I've meant to say in the past week. But maybe not, I dunno.

Oct. 3

This week... I stopped watching True Blood. It seems to have become impossible to watch it On Demand without subscribing to HBO, which I ain't gonna do. In other news, it's Friday again. Watched a new episode of Phineas & Ferb, though it seems like it must've been set prior to some other eps that've been on before, since Candace hadn't yet met Jeremy's little sister. But the important thing is... Phineas and Ferb built a haunted house to try to scare Isabella, thus curing her of her hiccups. That's kind of Halloweeny, right? Of course, tonight was also the series premiere of The Secret Saturdays, which involves cryptozoology, mixed with I guess superhero/supervillain/spy kinda stuff. Or whatever. And the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is quite cool. Even if not really Halloweeny. Well... can't think of anything else to report for now.

Oh yeah, also. I added Kerli's video "Walking on Air" to the av page.

Oct. 6

Um, it's Monday. I feel like I might've had a few things to say over the weekend, but I can't think of anything (but one). Maybe there was nothing. I'm always paranoid about forgetting stuff. Anyway, I wanted to say yesterday I saw this black cat thing at walmart, snapped a pic of it. When I saw it, I thought "that cat is so thin, it could have a show on the CW." (For people reading this entry years in the future, there's been a controversy recently about actresses being too thin...) So anyway, that's all for now.

Oct. 7

I should have said, I bought Kerli's CD "Love is Dead" on Sunday. It's not really that Halloweeny, nor even quite as goth as I expected it to be, but whatevs. It's decent. And yesterday Mom bought that cat from the picture above, for me. And today when we went to breakfast, the restaurant had pumpkins out front that they were selling, so Dad bought me one. I believe I shall carve it on the 30th or 31st. I was thinking maybe... Peter Punktrelli... with a scar....

Oct. 15

Well, today I got around to watching a movie I recorded a few days ago, "Mostly Ghostly," and wrote up a review. It was an RL Stine movie; I had watched one last year, and put the review in the TV movies section, but this year I moved it to the movies section. Both movies were actually released on DVD shortly before being on TV, so that means neither is really a TV movie. Anyway... this one was fairly lame, not nearly as good as the one from last year. Also I moved supernatural films onto a new page. Which took up a bunch of time and now I gotta go to work....

Oct. 17

Okay, it's friday again, but this post is about last night. Drank some hard cider while watching Smallville, and then Supernatural. Amazing episode of the latter, an old-fashioned monster movie format, in black & white, with a shapeshifter who is obsessed with monster movies, and takes on the guise of the wolfman, and the mummy, but mostly Dracula. Everything about the episode was perfect, and very Halloweeny, though I think closer to Halloween we may get an even Halloweenier episode....

Also I added "Bad Things" to the audio player on the AV page, and made the player pop up instead of being embedded on the page, though I'm still not completely satisfied with it.... Oh, also wanted to post a comic I saw yesterday, and I think that should be the last thing I had to say for now:

Oct. 18

Well, watched Phineas & Ferb. Ferb's grandfather or whatever tells the kids a story about Ferb's great (many greats) uncle had assisted Dr. Phineastein or whatever, in creating a giant platypus monster. Meanwhile, Doofenschmirtz told Parry about an ancestor who had created a Jekyll & Hyde type formula. Of course the stories intersected. Anyway, a nice, Halloweenish story. That makes two such things on the show recently, though of course for them it's still summer....

Oct. 27

Well, I may have had things to say before now, or I may not. It's not important. But I should mention the other night I recorded an episode of iCarly, and just watched it this morning. It's a rerun from last year, but as I almost never watch the show, I hadn't seen it before. Anyway, the kids shoot their webshow in an apartment they believe to be haunted, while Spencer carves a giant jack-o-lantern, and gets harrassed by trick-or-treaters since he had no candy. It was fun. And that's all for now, but today is monday, halloween is friday... we're in the home stretch, now, kids....

Ah, a friend IM'd me a YouTube clip of a Donald Duck Halloween short, which I added to the A/V page...

Oct. 31

Well, I'm writing this entry on Saturday, Nov. 1, actually. Didn't have a chance to get online yesterday. Went out in the morning. Um, first to the bank, I guess, to cash a check I got in a card from Grandma that came Thursday. Then to the mall. Got volume 5 of Bizenghast, a manga I started reading probably a couple years ago, but it was just last weekend that I got around to starting a review. I covered the first three volumes. Read volume 4 sometime this week, and started reading 5 yesterday, but haven't updated the review yet. Also last weekend started a gallery for the manga, scanning volume 1. I had hoped by Halloween I'd scan more volumes, but I just never found the time.

What else? Um, I suppose I looked in a few stores in the mall. I think one of them, probably Spirit Halloween, had signs up with a web address, tenthirtyone.com, which I checked today and it has nothing to do with Halloween. So maybe I wrote the addy down wrong, or maybe the signs were just wrong, or maybe the whole thing was some kind of hallucination. I dunno. Anyway, from the mall I walked to Starbucks, where I got a pumpkin & cream cheese muffin and caramel apple spice drink. Some years ago I remember getting caramel apple cider at a different Starbucks, and I loved it. This wasn't that, but it was still quite good. And... walked to some other stores, got a couple things at Target, including a bottle of Mountain Dew with this design on it.

Well, eventually I got back downtown, went to the groceria, where I I got a bag of herbal popcorn and a 4-pack of Imperial Pumpkin Ale made by Weyerbacher. Those two things cost near $14, which is all I had on me. I hate when stores don't put prices on things. Especially since the $4 I was planning on using to get bus tickets on Monday. Man, expensive stuff, but it was good. Anyway, as I was checking out, I got a call from a coworker asking me to cover his shift. So I walked home, put things away, got things I'd need for work, and headed right back out. Since I was out of bus tickets and had no one dollar bills, I was gonna use my two dollar bill and a couple Susan B. Anthony dollars, which I didn't wanna do... and just as I opened the apartment building's door to leave, the postman came in. So I took the mail inside. There was a card from Mom with a check, so I went to the bank again and cashed it, getting some ones so I could save the other currency. That was nice. But seriously, I had been looking forward to not working. So that kind of sucked.

But eventually I got through it, and had a glass of "black & orange," which is Pumpkinhead Ale and Guinness. I took a picture with my cell, though I was about half finished before I thought to do so, alas. Not that you care, but whatevs. The black floats on top of the orange. It's neat. And it tasted good. Then came home, had my herbal popcorn and 3 bottles of the Imperial Pumpkin Ale (that stuff is 8%, btw), and watched a DVD of the original Japanese version of "Pulse." I can't even write a review because it didn't make any sense to me at all. I was worried reading subtitles might distract from the horror, but I don't think it did. The only thing that detracted from the horror was... you know, having no idea what was going on. I'd still like to see the American remake someday, though.

Urm, and then I went to bed. And today I have strained eyes and a bit of a headache and I'm behind on all sorts of things I wanted to do, and I'm not sure how much I feel like doing anything, but I don't want to fall further behind. Am I forgetting anything? Oh, got some new coffee this week, which I tried yesterday morning. "Enchanted Evening," from Melitta. It's not bad. Probably other things I wanted to say, but I'll shut up for now. Of course, the holiday isn't over at least until after seeing Treehouse of Horror tomorrow night....

Oh, right. Thursday was the real Halloween episode of Supernatural. Some witches wanted to raise an ancient demon called Samhain. Which annoyed me, since there was no such demon and they also mispronounced the word, but... otherwise it was a decent episode, I guess.

Nov. 4

It is... 12:58am, technically Tuesday, but for me it's still Monday night. I need to make updates. I know I meant to say Sunday after work I watched Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. There was a Transformers spoof, a thing about dead celebrities which was probably most notable for the opening spoof of the "Mad Men" opening. Urm, and then the main event of the evening, the "Grand Pumpkin." Not bad, Charlie Brown spoof. I liked that the Grand Pumpkin got upset about people carving pumpkins. And then Tom Turkey... yeah.

Urm. Oh and Thursday night's Subterranean (which I watched on Sunday morning I think) had some vaguely Halloweenish videos maybe. Maybe. Anyway I'm probably forgetting things I wanted to say in the few days that I've continued to neglect this and I still never carved the damn pumpkin and every day I say, Maybe today. Sort of. I dunno. Yet there it sits.... Feh. It's so late now. So very, very late.... I hate life.

Nov. 5

One thing I had wanted to do for Halloween was maybe get some green apple soda. Never managed to do that, but today I got some. Also read a Halloween "Full Frontal Nerdity" comic today, so I added that to the AV page.

Nov. 6

Well, had some of the green apple soda today. Also, read the November issue of Dark Horse Presents, which included four particularly Halloweenish stories (one of which was Emily the Strange). And I finally got around to carving the pumpkin. As I believe I've said, I was planning on trying to make it look like Future Peter Petrelli from "Heroes." Using a picture from EW, here is the result... uncanny, no?

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