Row 1 (unlabelled): Gallows, Church, Parsonage.

Row 2: Jake's Saloon, Jailhouse, Barber Shop, Town Clinic, United States Army, Courthouse.

Row 3: Pies "R" Us, Town Hall, Wayne Enterprises (this is where the Board of Trustees meets).

Row 4: Pretty Good Western, Only National Bank, Local Store, Gulch Gazette, Sampson Blacksmith.

Row 5: School.

You can probably make out all the labels here. The cemetery is just beyond the church, in the northeast corner of town. The housing section is just beyond the school, in the southeast corner of town. To the northwest is Gulch Grove, which has a secret entrance to Muggar's underground hideout. North of the grove is Muggar's stable, where the gang keep their horses. Now that I look at the map, it seems a bit far from the hideout, and also... I probably intentionally made it pretty obvious that it's there, so that it would be ridiculous to believe the authorities can't find it. Funny, no?

The interior of Muggar's hideout. One wall basically is empty, except for a staircase to the surface entrance of the hideout. There's a line of bathrooms along one wall, (three for men, one for women, one for handicapped men, one for handicapped women, which really doesn't make sense, not just because it's ananachronistic, but also because there are no handicapped people in the gang, and even if there were, I don't think they'd have any way of getting up and down the stairs). A line of bedrooms for Muggar's Boys are along another wall (except Muggar's room and Jesse's room, which are along the same wall as the bathrooms). A central living area with a couple of couches, an easy chair for Muggar (which is anachronistic), a round coffee table, and a radio (which is anachronistic; also, I'm not aware of any radio stations that would be broadcasting in the area, but I assume they picked up something, nevertheless. Maybe I should make up another character in town to run a local radio station. Another wall has doorways leading to a store room, a dining room, a kitchen/pantry, and along that wall there's also a liquor cabinet, a wood box and fireplace with a clock on the mantel.

D'WARD's 1890's