So, in rereading my bio of Simon, I see that I said Hollywood hadn't yet been founded. I wasn't sure if that was true, even though I was pretty sure there weren't movies, per se... So I looked it up on Wikipedia, and the history of the district of L.A. (it's not really a city in and of itself, though I can't help thinking of it as such) had been around for awhile, and I guess officially named in like 1887, a bit before the 1890's, obviously. But it didn't become a leader in the filmmaking industry until at least a decade into the 20th century. It's unclear to me whether Simon is actually waiting to be discovered by Hollywood (is he psychic, or do my comics simply happen in a reality where chronology is meaningless, like, say, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys?) or whether he's just... possessed of a personality that in later decades would have been described as a Hollywood type. But it doesn't really matter. On the other hand, as for his trivia, wanting Jim Carrey to play him is defintiely an indication of prescience. So, whatever. (It should also be noted that he wears sunglasses which wouldn't have existed until sometime in the 20th century.)

D'WARD's 1890's