So, here is the gang that is led by Muggar Simpson.

I reckon the name "Jesse Jamison" must have been based on Jesse James, though I'm sure there's no relation, or anything.

Zack, of course, also appears on the lawyers page.

Not aware of Dan Nobly being based on anyone.

Barney Binfa is a character I first made up as a member of "Bloody's Boys," a 1920's era gang led by one of my alternate personalities, Bloody Boy Omyxa. At the time, I don't think I had any idea that Binfa was as old as I make him out to be, here.

Bo Loredo's name is one of the Western cliche-type names I like to give my characters, like Tex Colorado, although it probably would have made more sense to spell it Laredo. I don't really care. Meanwhile, it's totally anachronistic to say he's a fan of the comic book character Lobo, who first appeared in the 1980s. If you can't make it out, his bio says he calls Muggar "Dox." This refers to Vril Dox of L.E.G.I.O.N. (who has ties to Lobo). Bo means it as an insult, but also it implies that he's willing to follow him, to an extent.

I don't think the Westerner is based on anyone, though I feel there's a vague chance he could be vaguely based on Paladin from Have Gun - Will Travel, even though I've never really seen that. He could as easily be based on someone else who doesn't come to mind at all, though. (Maybe even like a Muppet or something.)

John Smythe, if you can't read his bio, was a cover name he used as an undercover agent, but adopted for real when he joined the gang. I have no idea what his real name is, nor whether Muggar or anyone else knows he was originally a marshall who infiltrated them. Nor do I know why I misspelled "Colorado." Probably just a pencil-typo. (Hey, those happen.) I suppose this means Western Gulch is in Colorado, though I don't think there's anything else to indicate that fact. In Muggar's bio, I said I don't know what state the series is set in. But Colorado seems as good as any. It may have been inspired by my watching Dr. Quinn, or by any number of other things, or nothing in particular. I dunno.

I don't think Santos was based on anyone in particular, though as a first name, it probably should have been "Santo," not Santos. "Nordohga" is a really stupid play on Manuel Noriega, dictator of Panama in the 1980s (I um... sort of mentally cut up the name into "Nor-yay-ga," and changed a positive exclamation in the middle to Homer Simpson's trademark negative exclamation, "D'oh!"). To be honest, I have no idea what "revolution" Nordohga was supposedly involved with; I think any Mexican revolutions came either before or after his time. Nor do I know if he was a real general or had any actual followers back in Mexico, or anything. But in such a wildly anachronistic and generally ridiculous series, I suppose it doesn't matter.

No idea where I got the name "Molly Janeway," I have no recollection of ever hearing of anyone named Janeway prior to Star Trek: Voyager, but the note I wrote at some point after originally drawing this page suggests that came later (1995). Well, I've always liked making up names I've never heard for some of my fictional characters, so it's neat if I hear of a real person (or other people's fictional characters) with the same name later. But then again, it's also possible I can hear a name and later forget that I had.

I think Dave Omyxa must be somewhat based on me (he has the same first name and the drawing kinda looks like me). So, like Barney Binfa, we have another tie to Bloody Boy, who himself uses a Tommy gun, invented in 1919 (so it's anachronistic for Dave to use one, even if it was perfectly natural for Bloody Boy to use one).

Um... so, that's the whole gang, dunno if there's anything more to say....

D'WARD's 1890's