Aside from the whole "Simpsons" thing, this is probably my very most blatant homage/rip-off of any other fictional creation. He's an ancestor of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, and the founder of the Wayne family fortune. Various comics (including Elseworlds) have probably introduced various Wayne ancestors over the years, I don't really remember (I'm sure there have been many I've never even heard of). Nor am I sure how many generations back the family even had a fortune. The only ancestors I really know are Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce's parents. But I'll also say it must be anachronistic for there to be such a thing as a multi-millionaire in the 1890s. That's just crazy-rich, by the standards of those days. Impossibly rich.

Another oddity is my referring to Western Gulch as his "home town," considering Mayor Chase's bio says the town is just about 10 years old. Clearly, if that's the case, Wayne couldn't have spent his whole childhood there; he may even have been in college at the time it was founded. So, I dunno. I'm not gonna worry about it right now, though, with all the anachronisms I include intentionally in this series.

Oh, one other thing, about his name... I have an uncle named Wayne and a cousin named Luke. I'm thinking it's possible that fact could have had a hand in the name I chose for him, I don't really remember.

Of course, as the bio says, he doesn't spend much time in Western Gulch, and his local enterprises are overseen by a board of trustees, the chairman of which is Peacie Tokken. Other board members include Harold Geiger, Tex Colorado, Miller Mason, Perry Knight, and Joe Sampson.

D'WARD's 1890s