The bio references a couple of supposed cliches, which probably aren't. I'm sure there have been fictional preachers who used to be outlaws, but I don't know if it's as much of a trend as I make it out to be. I also don't know that fictional reverends are all that likely to be named Jim (I'm probably mostly thinking of Jim Ignatowski, from the TV show "Taxi," who I don't think was even a real reverend, and who was pretty much nothing like this character). I expect when I wrote about both cliches, I was just exaggerating for comic effect.

As for Pastor George Trumbull, I now have no idea if I had any ideas about him, or any particular reason for giving him that name. Likewise, I have no idea if I had any reason for giving Jim the last name "Hallister," though I suppose it could have been that the first four letters kind of sound like "Hell." Or not.

D'WARD's 1890's