As for the trivia note, this is actually a reference to a different fictional creation of mine, rather than fictional creations of other people's. See, in the old days, I used to come up with lots of alternate "personalities" for myself, though really they were just fictional characters. One of these personalities was "Drummin' Dave," (read about him here), who was in a band with Jack's descendant. (Actually, it seems that personality wasn't mentioned on that page, or anywhere on my site, so I'm gonna have to go see if I can type something up there, as best I can remember, after all these yaers...)

Looking at Wikipedia, it mentions player pianos, which of course would have been around in the old west (so not an anachronism to have one at the Pretty Good Western), and coin operated phonographs by the 1890s. But actual jukeboxes weren't around til at least the 1920s, and the type I'm gonna say is in Jake's saloon, a Wurlitzer, would have appeared in the 1950s. So yeah, definitely an anachronism. (Not sure now where I got the 1883 date, but I'm sure it must have referred to much earlier models than the one at Jake's.)

D'WARD's 1890's