scene v

Back at the Planet, Lois and Clark were looking through all the records they had on Tempus, and their old stories on him.

"Find anything?" asked Lois.

"Not a thing. As far as I can see, there's no one likely to be working with him. How about you?"


Just then, Jimmy walked up. "Sorry, guys, I can't find anything helpful. But maybe someone out there was just secretly a fan of Tempus."

"I can't imagine anyone sane being a fan of his," said Lois.

"Besides," said Clark, "you don't exactly break someone out of a mental institution just to ask for his autograph."

"Well, I didn't say it had to be a sane fan. Anyway, he's come very close to pulling off most of his schemes. Heck, he was president-elect of the United States for a while there! Maybe someone thought it would be worthwhile to hire him to help them pull off one of their own evil plots," said Jimmy.

"I suppose it's possible," said Clark. "But who? Most criminal masterminds around here sort of like working on their own. And anyway, most of the people who might have done something like that are in jail or asylums themselves. Or dead."

"Besides, I don't think Tempus would be interested in working for someone else," said Lois.

Perry walked up. "Lois, Clark, any leads on the Tempus thing?"

"Not exactly, Chief," said Clark.

"But we're working on it," added Lois.

"Well, keep at it. At least things might be getting interesting again." And he went off to talk to other reporters, or something.

Clark said, "Well, Jimmy, I guess... try to put together a list of people who might have wanted to hire him, if you can. Even if he wouldn't work for someone else, he might let them think he would until after they'd helped him escape."

"I'll get right on it, C.K."

"And Jimmy," said Lois, "it'll probably be someone who's quite rich. I still don't think Tempus would work for anyone, but if he did, he wouldn't come cheap. Also, someone who wouldn't be afraid of Tempus, in case he tried to double-cross his benefactor."

Jimmy nodded, and went back to his desk.

"Well," said Clark, "it doesn't seem like there's much we can do without any leads. What say we get some lunch?"

scene vi