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The Tick: New Series, NEC
Written by Benito Cereno; art by Les McClaine
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Okay. Back in the 1980s, Ben Edlund created this character, and did a number of comic books about him, which as of now, I'm afraid I've never read, though I'd certainly like to, someday. Since then, other people have, I guess, done other Tick comic books, which I've also never read. However, in the 90s, there was an animated TV series based on the comics, which I really loved. Later, in 2001, there was a short-lived live-action TV series about the Tick, which was okay. But those two shows are pretty much the extent of my knowledge about the Tick. Well, now, in 2010 (or actually the first issue came out in December 2009, I guess, but I didn't pick it up til the second issue came out), there's a new, bimonthly comic book series, which I'm checking out. It's kinda nice to finally be reading some Tick comics, for the first time. Even if they're not by Edlund.

What to say? Of course, the main characters are the big, blue superhero known as the Tick, and his pudgy, moth-suited sidekick, Arthur. So far, the Tick himself seems to me pretty much the way I remember him from the cartoon, so that's cool. The general tone of the humor is pretty much what I'd expect, kind of wacky absurdism, or whatever. I like it. And there's going to be a mix of old, familiar characters, and new ones. So I look forward to that. (Of course, some of the old characters could have appeared in earlier comics, and still be new to me, if they weren't in the cartoon.) I really like a character called Bumbling Bee. And, uh, that's all I can think to say. Except it seems that the series ended after only 8 issues, which is kind of a shame, but not too much of a shame.

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