Warning: Mature readers only.

tek's rating: ½

Spin Angels, Marvel/Soleil
story by Jean-Luc Sala; art and colors by Pierre-Mony Chan
GCD; Marvel; Marvel Database; Wikipedia (French)

Caution: potential spoilers.

Another of the titles imported to America by Marvel, via French publisher Soleil. I guess the original version is called "Cross Fire," which is a reasonably clever title, so I'm not sure why they've changed it to "Spin Angels," but whatever. Each issue begins with a flashback to something that happened in the past. The first one starts in 1307, but the second and third much more recently, in 1939; the fourth, in 1959. However, the main story in each issue is set in the present. It follows the exploits of members of the Vatican's Black Office, which exists to "find and disarm any potential threats or revelations." Which basically means searching for historical texts and artifacts which could disprove the accepted history and doctrines of the Church.

The Black Office is headed up by Monsignor Marchesi. The story mainly focuses on his lead investigator, Sofia d'Agostino. In the first issue, her partner, Luigi, is killed, so Marchesi calls in a favor from an old friend, a mob boss named Costanza. He sends his nephew, Angelo, to serve as her bodyguard on her missions. In the second issue, they meet up with an old acquaintance of Angelo's, named Gina. Later, they meet up with another agent of the Black Office, Sister Anna. Anyway, apparently the Black Office is a modern-day survivor of the ancient Inquisition, but there is another survivor: the Knights of the Order of the House of Bethany. Which is apparently another name for the Knights Templar, I guess. Anyway, there's another secret organization within the Church, which is the enemy of both the Black Office and the Knights Templar, a group led by a mysterious figure known as the "Master," a figure who was seen briefly in the 1307 flashback of the first issue. If it really is the same guy, his age isn't the only thing mysterious about him, he also has some kind of powers, and it seems his followers may actually believe he's God.

Oh, and it turns out that Gina is Angelo's cousin. Although actually, Costanza's father had adopted Angelo, so he's not really related to them; his real parentage may prove to be an interesting twist in the story. Meanwhile, it's also possible a romantic relationship could develop between Sofia and Angelo, though they don't exactly seem compatible....

Anyway... there's all kinds of historical stuff, of a Biblical nature, that is referred to throughout the series, lots of different times and places and people and groups and whatnot. Sofia and the others are trying to piece it all together, but it's too much for me to really follow. But they seem to travel around the world alot, looking for information. And there are often people shooting at them, and stuff. Honestly, I've always liked the concept of a special ops division of the Vatican doing stuff like this, even if I can't follow all the history, the mysteries, the conspiracies and whatnot. It's confusing, but I still really enjoy the story, and look forward to seeing how it ends. I'm not sure how long it's going to be. At first I thought there were only going to be three issues, but already I've read four, and it's not over yet, though there doesn't seem to be a regular release schedule, so I'm not sure when the fifth issue will come out, let alone how many more issues there might be. I suppose it's not surprising, considering it has to be imported, translated, and everything, and the run isn't completed yet in France, so... whatever. I'll just have to wait and see. But it's definitely an interesting story, and there's plenty of eye candy, as well. Really, some beautiful artwork, and some beautiful girls....

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