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Daffodil, Marvel/Soleil
story: Frédéric Brrémaud; art: Giovanni Rigano; colors: Paolo Lamanna
GCD; Marvel; Marvel Database; Wikipedia (French)

Caution: spoilers.

This seems to be set in the early 20th century, probably the 1920s or 30s (at one point, a child refers to Bela Lugosi as if his appearance in "Dracula" was fairly recent). But I don't really know exactly. In any event, there do seem to be differences from our world, the main one being the presence of vampires (though someone else mentions having thought they weren't real, so... whatever). But um, there's stuff going on that it may take awhile for me to fully figure out, but it's definitely interesting. First of all, not all vampires look equally as close to being human. Some look mostly human, some look almost entirely like bats. I get the impression the more batlike, the older and more powerful they are, but I could be wrong. Anyway, vampire society is governed by a parliament, and they have rules against attacking humans (without permission).

Well, the three main characters are Daffodil, Globuline, and Achilles (all of whom are cute/hot mostly human-looking vampires girls). They're agents of the Parliament, who are sent to investigate an attack in the town of Addio-Colonnello, which is being overrun by vampires commanded by Nosferatu. He was one of the seven vampire lords on the Parliament (which now consists of six lords, since his betrayal). The agents need to figure out why he's breaking the rules, what he's up to. In the course of their investigation, they meet a boy named Roman, who likes vampires, in a fanboy kinda way, and dresses up as one, himself. He and his younger brother, Milano, end up tagging along with the three agents, who consider the boys to be "hostages."

Meanwhile, the human resistance against the vampires is led by Commodore Jerk. And somewhere underground, Nosferatu is being led by a guide (to whom he has promised his freedom once he gets him where he wants to go). Nosferatu has apparently been looking for something for many years, since he was a child. He's looking for La Luz, ambassador of Hell. But by the end of the first issue, we learn that she has been held prisoner for years by Jerk, who wants her to make him immortal...

Well, the second issue wraps that story up. Don't wanna say how it ends. The third issue tells the story of another mission Daffodil, Achilles, and Globuline were sent on by the Parliament. This time they're investigating a vampire named Count Berlusk, who has apparently been killing humans. But the truth turns out to be more twisted... And, um, that's all I wanna say about that. It'd be cool to see more Daffodil stories in the future, but I dunno if there'll be any or not....

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