tek's sun & moon collection

So, here's something I've always liked, this sort of classical, or medieval, or whatever... sort of wizardy look. So I've started a collection of it. Starting with a wall clock, which can be seen at the top of this page. Also, obviously, there's this background, which was created for me by my friend Eliza. Also check out this list of other items in the collection... some of which I'll provide pictures for, if I can... others, maybe I can't. At least not yet...

bathroom rug
bed sheets
bic lighter
birthday card
face mask (from 2020)
liquid soap dispenser
maple syrup
moon pillow
necklace with flashing lights
shower curtain
soap dish
tea infuser
tissue box (a design I buy occasionally)
throw blanket
throw blanket 2
towel set
waste basket

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