Episode III


A long time from now in a galaxy not so
far away...

The universe has become a very
volatile place due to overcrowding,
pollution, and new age music. The
League of Planets has all but been
destroyed by a race of foul smelling
tools called the Gerclons. The Gerclon
Emperor, who is also known as Kenny,
has started a brutal annihilation of
everything non-Gerclon. You name it, if
it's not Gerclon, Kenny will try to kill it.
He's a bastard that way. Kenny's
therapist, Brylcreem, says his rage
comes from the fact that Kenny's
ancestor, Coors, impregnated a human
farm girl from Iowa named Linda.
Rather than live with the shame of
being of mixed blood, Kenny decided to
destroy the entire human race. He was
successful except for the U.S.S.
Camacho, a battle cruiser led by the
young and dashing Colonel Shane
Yeager. Shane, fresh out of the
academy, had been on the planet Aqua
Velva vacationing with his crew. They
saved a ton of money on their tickets
using Now, Shane must
travel back in time to find Linda and
keep her from getting it on with a
Gerclon. It's a job that's just for men.
Unfortunately, Kenny has learned of
Shane's plan and is sending the
ultimate killing machine to destroy him.
This killing machine is known simply as
The Disint...
The Disintra...

The D3.
The only thing standing in the way
of human extinction is a man, his light
whip, and a sheer determination to
c**k block an alien...