my favorite philosopher

Episode Nine: The Tick vs. Brainchild

"Splendid, chum. This looks like a job for... legal tender." -The Tick

The Tick: "You are here! Uh-huh, uh-huh. Being here is a lot like being lost, Arthur."
Arthur: "Yeah. I always hate coming to these giant mondo stores, but they have the best prices."
The Tick: "Not a problem. We merely have to find the proper here, and microwaves will follow. Off to find the elusive 'here,' my friend. The thrill of the hunt is on. There, maybe there, perhaps that way. Ha ha, what fun!"
Brainchild: "Hey you big blue jerk, leggo! I got plans for this microwave!"
The Tick: "Well, we've got many a TV dinner to heat unevenly, ourselves."
"Oh fickle fates, would that I could clone myself." -The Tick
"I'm starting to suspect this is more than a simple shoppers' tiff. Evil is afoot." -The Tick
Arthur: "Tick, are you alright?"
The Tick: "Physically, or spiritually?"
"Some kids get their ears pierced, others it's a unique haircut. Charles likes people to see his brain." -Brainchild's mom
The Tick: "I really think I'm getting through, Arthur. I have a knack with kids."
Arthur: "Not like your knack with microwaves, I hope."
The Tick: "Y'know, you can be quite cryptic, sometimes."
"That boy's logic wigs me out." -The Tick
"Only a microsecond to make my move. Think, think... I could- no, no, maybe if I- no, that never works- what if I?- no, that only works on ducks- ducks! Good one, I shall duck!" -The Tick
"Uh, Arthur, is this a warm moment, or should we be disturbed?" -The Tick
Brainchild: "How'm I gonna rebuild my lab? It's not fair. It's all his fault."
The Tick: "Heh heh, well, if reinforcing family values is my fault, then I think my super shoulders can bear the brunt of that blame. Right, Arthur?"
Arthur: "I guess."
The Tick: "Ah yes, grateful. Grateful because the family unit is the glue, the musilage, the various safety-tested adhesives that keep the fabric of our society together. Bless that big sticky quilt that blankets this land of ours in caring and sharing."

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