my favorite philosopher

Episode Two: The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale

"Not so fast, naughty spawn. I say to you, 'Stop your evil ways- you face... the Tick." -The Tick

"No one likes to be laughed at, friend." -The Tick
Arthur: "I uh, uh..."
Forehead: "Who are you?"
Arthur: "I'm the, uh, sidekick."
Forehead: "Okay. Boils, kick him to the side."
"Ah, American Maid. Good of you to join us in another sterling victory over the forces of evil." -The Tick
"Cool. The crime of the century." -Sewer Urchin
"Now listen. We're about to crash a party for one of the world's most dangerous criminal masterminds. And the guest list will read like America's Most Wanted. The Crease. Harriet Curse. Headless Henderson. The Guy With Ears Like Little Raisins. Sheila Eel. The Deadly Nose. Jack Tuber- Man of a Thousand Faces. Eyebrows Mulligan. Yes, it's a spectacularly ugly menagerie of career wrongdoers. And there, at the top of this grotesque sundae, the rottenest cherry of them all- Chairface Chippendale." -American Maid
"Don't worry. I'll snap this steel cable like pasta." -The Tick
"And you can thank my dental hygenist for our untimely aliveness." -The Tick
"Yes, it was good saving the moon with you, American Maid. Drive carefully now. ...A heart of gold beats under that big fiberglass croissant, Arthur. And thank goodness for it. It's spirit like hers that allowed us to thwart Chairface's evil scheme. And thwart we did." -The Tick
The Tick: "Hey, it's the Sewer Urchin."
Sewer Urchin: "Yeah."
The Tick: "How are you today?"
Sewer Urchin: "Very poisonous, don't touch me."
The Tick: "Ha ho ho, who'd want to?"

Episode Three this isn't up yet
Episode Nine this is, though