Uppers: those who live above and rule the world
Gov-Gen: chief member of the government
Gov: member of the government
Greyman: spy who works for the government
Blueboy: police
Money: one who is rich

Dissidents: those who live below, in the upper levels of the Under-city; a caste between Uppers and Unders; Reform Party

Unders: those who live below, in the mid-levels of the Under city; the working poor
Serf: one who works for Uppers
Dealer: one who buys and sells things, usually contraband
Artist: uhhh... artist

Dregs: those who live below, in the lower levels of the Under city; most of them are homeless and essentially penniless, all are unscrupulous and thoroughly danged-out
Gov: member of a crim family
Blueboy: enforcer for a crim family
Dealer: one who works for a crim family
Independent: one who is not associated with a crim family

General Terminology

bag-rich: having just gotten coin or merch (usually stolen)
child: simple, easy
coin: money, cash
crim: crime; criminal
Cutter: native of Wordcut
danged-out: dangerous
depper: kind of drug
devot: girl
dreg: characteristic of Dregs, awful
droog: friend
end: place, district; caste; side; concern, matter
fancy: high on drugs
fancy-mind: use drugs; philosophize; enjoy art
fanboy/fangirl: Upper who wants to be an Under
final truth: death; or one's biggest secret
flat: fast, soon, immediately, no time
fort: fortnight
frag: kill; rape
frat: be like family or friends
friendly-fate: good luck
ghost: scare someone (usually under hire)
helpmake: male
hit: kill someone (usually under hire)
H.K.: suicide
impasse: make impossible; negate
ken: know, understand, be aware of
lock: secret
look: attractive; one who is attractive
make: have sex; have children
maker: female
malc: boy
marbles: insane
mat: mother
merch: merchandise
mid-dark: midnight
mid-light: noon
money: characteristic of Monies
money-slang: slang spoken primarily by Monies
monster: really big or important
new-in: recently arrived or acquired; person or thing who/which is new-in
nonken: unaware of
perk one's 'tent: make one curious; make one pay attention
piece-in: piece of the action, cut of profits
poles: opposites
poz: positive, certain
pre-ken: already know something
prep for 6: kill
punk: one who is punk-ass
punk-ass: stupid; mean; untalented; inferior
puzzle: something complicated, hard to understand
rally: believe, accept
re-an: bring back to life
'rents: money-slang for parents
run: hang out; work; control; influence, cause, instigate
sap: naive, easily scammed
sapper: one who is sap
shadow: secretive, stealthy; follow, snoop; one who shadows
ship: shipment; opportunity
shut: shut up, be quiet
slip-hole: shitty place
slip-shot: shit, shitty
snotling: Money child
so: short for "is that so?" or "that is so."
station: non-hopper
stim: kind of drug
suss: suspect, suppose, guess; learn, discover; take, borrow
'tact: contact, informant
'tender: Under who wants to be an Upper
'tent: attention; curiosity
tough-cat: really dangerous; one who is tough-cat
tumble: figure something out (usually a secret)
upper: very good; the best; important
vad: father
viddy: watch, look at
yours-humble: me, myself, I

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