Founded 1899 by Sir Dimistrey, Ranger West, et al. Primary purpose is to counteract the Betans, prevent them from forming an empire and destroying the OR. Very loose organization, with almost no rules. Consists of many types of agents, all of equal rank.

Pearlite- Paradox-secure
Created 1994 by Jeremy of the OR. Not technically a fiction-based reality, because it merely has aspects similar to several shows from the OR, including the series "The Odyssey" and the "Miri" episode of Star Trek, as well as to a limited degree Pearl Jam's video "Jeremy"; the fictions that influence Pearlite's nature do not directly nor anything like precisely dictate its history or development.

Pollik- Paradox Information Connector
Born 1926, Atoz. Recruited 1966.

Pulp- Dave-secure
Created by the Dave, of Xanth. It is not known just when Pulp was created in Inter-time, but the first year on its own calendar is called 126. Its calendar is on an interesting schedule; the century begins with the year 26 and goes to different years before starting over at 26; it never goes past 99, and often ends in the 50s or 60s. It does not appear to have a backhistory, but time travel is blocked in such a way that it cannot be done in that reality, nor can time travelers in other realities hop into any point in Pulp's history. This is a part of the Dave's policy of secrecy about himself and his emergent inter-reality empire.
It is a writer's reality. Everyone there has at least one story published in his or her life, many have several. Some choose writing as a permanent career, and write many stories and/or books, comics, films, series, plays, etc. Anyone who chooses writing as a career there is very successful at it. At least half the population work in publishing or other aspects of the entertainment industries.
The Dave is the absolute ruler of Pulp, and the people there generally like his rule. There is also a council of Great Artists: the great writer, the great actor, the great singer, etc., each of whom speak for a council of senior artists of their type. The Dave, who does some writing himself, is chairman of the Great Artists Council.

Process by which people who have DSI travel between realities, and create new realities. It is possible to hop only in mind, in which case a hopper's body will be left behind in their reality, either in a coma-like state, or on autopilot, in which the individual seems to function normally, but is actually unaware of what is going on in that reality. During a mind-hop, the hopper will seem to have a body in whatever reality they hop to, and it will usually look and feel and act exactly like their real body, but it will actually be a mental projection. It is also possible to full-body hop. Then the real body will go along with the mind into other realities, and people left behind when a hopper hops out of a reality will see the hopper vanish.
Hoppers can also create new realities, which is simpler than it sounds. Most of it is taken care of by the subconscious, much like in a dream. After initial creation of a new reality, the original creator may continue to add details to it, and other hoppers can add their own details, within certain limitations inherent in the intended framework of the reality in question.

Reality of Origin (RO)
Not to be confused with the OR or an ROR. An RO is the reality in which someone was born.

Reality of Residence (ROR)
Not to be confused with the OR or an RO. Reality a hopper chiefly considers home. May be their RO, may not. Many hoppers do not consider themselves to have an ROR. In fact, the term is most often used to refer to a reality which is the home of a Founder, and will be considered nearly as important as a capital reality.

Reality Prime
A concept conceived of by Betans, referring to the earliest existing reality. Currently this is the OR. If the Betans destroyed the OR, it would be Beta. It is believed by some CSPs, particularly those of the Betan empire, that Reality Prime has certain innate properties which differentiate it from any other realities. Only a relative few such properties are known of at all, and even these are only vaguely understood. It is, however, assumed by many Betans that these properties could be passed on from one Reality Prime to the next, if indeed the first one is destroyed.

Process by which Independent hoppers are brought into a hopping organization such as Paradox or the Betan empire. There are different methods for doing this. Recruitment can include:
Observation, where Watchers and/or Recruitment agents discover Potential recruits and watch them for a period of time to determine whether or not to proceed with Recruitment.
Preparation, which itself can be done through different methods. In the Zinctal Method of Recruitment, Potentials are convinced they are insane, then they are "cured" and sent out into society. In Standard Recruitment, it's often no more than introducing oneself to the Potential, and giving some preliminary information concerning the organization.
The Interim Phase, which is peculiar to the Zinctal Method, is a period of not less than five years that a Potential spends in normal society between Preparation and Breakdown.
Breakdown, usually peculiar to the Zinctal Method (though a similar thing may happen when someone becomes A.D.), is when the mind realizes it was never insane in the first place, and that the current state of so-called sanity must not be real, and so the mind realigns itself. This often evidences itself in the form of at least one psychotic act. It is at this point that an organization knows it is time to approach the Potential. An aura of invulnerability is projected around a hopper during breakdown.
Transition, in Standard Recruitment, happens directly after Preparation; in the Zinctal Method, after Breakdown. It is when a Transition Facilitator explains to the Potential about his or her organization, and invites the Potential to join.
Training. If a Potential accepts the invitation, he or she becomes a new recruit, and begins a period of training which lasts generally about a year. The new recruit learns in detail about the organization they have joined, learns all the organization knows about hopping, learns how to be an agent, learns to use the organization's technologies, etc.
Agent. Once Training is complete, the new recruit becomes an agent. They will still be considered a new recruit until they have completed their first mission, on which they shall be partnered with a senior agent. After that, they become a full agent of their organization, and may choose their own assignments.

Rick- Betan Field agent
Born 1963, the Lake.

Rogue Agents
...have usually only slightly differing opinions from their organizations, and do things their own way. Often, their organization is aware they are rogue, and allow them to proceed in their actions, which may well end up benefiting their organization, anyway.
...In 2018, a previously loose alliance of rogue agents from various organizations, as well as independent hoppers, became a bit more organized, and were officially recognized by Détente as Rogue Group. Some of these new Rogue agents were previously rogue agents of various orgs, some were not. Some chose to remain agents for their original orgs, some did not. In any event, from that time on, the term "rogue agent" can be used in the old or the new fashion, or in many cases in both fashions.

Rogues' Galley
A hop-ship, probably the only successfully operating one in existence. It is used by certain members of Rogue Group.

Rogue Group
Founded 2018 (officially).... Not much is known about this new hopper organization.

Sally- Paradox Field agent (A.L.)
Born September 11, 1985, OR. Entrepreneur. Recruited 2016.

Savlair- Sovereign reality
Created 1221 by unknown hopper from the OR. All natives are hoppers, most independent.

Secure Reality
A reality which is controlled/protected by a single specific hopper organization, and which has established guardpost realities around it. The general populations of such realities are often aware of reality-hopping.

A failed CSP theory, wherein a starship from InterTrav was crewed entirely by hoppers, who attempted to create an expanded hop-field around the ship in order to bring it into another reality. Preliminary trial runs without the ship, and later with it between test realities, were conducted over a period of nearly two years in the 1940s. The first full trial run to a real reality was conducted in 1947. The starship and its entire crew were lost. Since then, Paradox has had a regulation against further such experiments.

Solan- Paradox-secure
Created 2043 B.C. by Jeremiah of Beta. Over the millennia, the Solani have tried many different worldviews, and in 1985, decided on one that is best described as a mixture of Eastern Earth philosophies/religions, Star Wars' Force, and a few purely Solani notions.

Sovereign reality
A reality whose people decide for themselves to remain or become independent of any hopper organizations, and control their reality themselves. Hoppers from a sovereign reality will usually set up their reality's own guardpost realities, and hoppers from other realities may or may not be allowed to move to or visit the sovereign reality. The general populations of such realities are always aware of reality-hopping.
Or, they are almost always aware. In 2016, a convention was passed in Détente saying that "any sufficiently large reality, i.e., one that includes at least one full galaxy and/or at least a dozen alternate dimensions can be declared sovereign by a single native of that reality agreed upon by at least one agent each of Paradox and the Betan Empire if he or she so chooses, and if the agents appointing the native to make such a decision agree themselves with his or her decision." In which case, it would not be necessary for more than one native of that reality to be aware of reality-hopping. The first such case was Trek.

Sovereign Union
A group of sovereign realities that have decided to form a loose alliance with one another. Or, a sovereign group of realities which include an original sovereign reality and any realities created by hoppers from that reality, usually after the reality had declared its sovereignty, but possibly any realities created by hoppers from that reality before it declared sovereignty, if they wish to join the union.

Stationary-Scientist-Philosopher (SSP)
There are fewer of these than CSPs. They are non-hoppers who know about hopping, and do essentially the same jobs as CSPs- at least, as much of it as technically possible- under incredibly limiting, restrictive conditions.

Stellisth- Paradox Field agent (A.L.)
Born 1988, Coltin. Singer. Recruited by Paradox 2004. Pretended recruitment as a Stationary agent for Beta 2007.

Susan- Paradox Information Connector (A.D.)
Born 1993, OR. Librarian/Army Reservist. Recruited 2016.

Swish- Insecure reality
Created 1998, by an unknown hopper. A reality where sound effects happen in real life, particularly swishing sounds from movements that shouldn't actually produce swishing sounds loud enough to hear. Other un-natural sound effects, too, even theme music. All the sorts of sounds you'd hear on TV or in movies, but not generally in real life.
Swish is often used for fun and adventure, and sometimes for filming TV shows or movies, to save on production costs.

Talis, Jeremiah- Independent hopper
Born c.3000 B.C., Beta. Created Solan. Killed 2042 B.C.

Test Reality
A reality created, usually by a CSP, for purposes of testing a new theory or invention, without risking damage to a real reality. Also/or often used in training new recruits.

Thomas, Andrew- Independent hopper
Born 1982, OR. Created Wordcut. Killed 1995.

Tilgren- Independent hopper
Born 1903, Bitz. CSP.

Timothy- Independent associate
Born 1965, Atoz. Created Xanth.

Todd- Paradox Watcher (A.L.)
Born February 19, 1986, OR. Writer. Recruited 2016

Traveling-Scientist-Philosopher (TSP)
TSP's are, for now, practically non-existent. The first one is Jasper of the OR, a Paradox/Rogue agent who developed the theories and technology which make it possible for non-hoppers to hop artificially, without the aid of a hop-ship. He guards the secret of this very closely, and for now it is presumed that he is the only TSP, and the only one who knows how it works.

Trek- Sovereign reality
Created 2009 by Laura of the OR. Fiction-based reality. It is indeed surprising in the extreme that it took so very long for someone to create a reality based on Star Trek. There are realities based on countless fictions of degrees of popularity ranging from the virtually unknown to the universally adored. That Trek should have been created 43 years after the debut of its fiction-base is almost unheard of in a fiction of its degree of popularity. The only explanation anyone's been able to guess at is that perhaps anyone who had considered creating such a reality in the past had decided to think of Star Trek as something of a sacred cow.
Laura had a friend, a non-hopper from Mundania, who wrote very unofficial Star Trek stories with some friends on the Internet, and so when she created Trek, she set up the framework so that it could be influenced by both official and unofficial continuing fiction, including the stories her friend wrote.
Trek is the first reality to be declared sovereign under the Special Sovereignty Convention of 2016.

Truman- Independent hopper/Rogue agent (A.L.)
Born April 1, 1981, OR. Given name: Hartley. Postal worker.

Vistro, Jules- Betan Field agent
Born 1975, Beta. Artist.

(Ranger) West- Paradox Multi-agent (A.L.)
Born 1799, Genre. Ranger. Helped found Paradox, 1899. Ranger West is one of those one-in-a-googillion people who was born and began hopping long before his RO was created. This is at once a simpler and a more extraordinary thing that it is with most other such people, because of the nature of his RO. Genre exists in any number of generally disconnected time periods, each associated with a specific genre of history or stories. West's period of Genre is the American Old West of the OR world Earth.
his status of "Assumed Living" is itself rather unusual, also because of the nature of Genre. It's really rather hard to explain. He's always alive, just not always at the time... that... Genre is currently... experiencing.... Although, Genre doesn't experience time entirely linearly....

Why? Series- Various realities
Why? was created 1891 by an unknown hopper, presumed to have been from the OR. Basically, the idea is that it's not supposed to make any sense; it's supposed to be impossible to understand, to have no basis in any form of culture or logic or fiction or... anything, from any other reality. One goes to Why? and of everything he sees or hears or feels, asks the question, "Why?" It was unanimously decided to consider the reality sovereign, by all outside parties; though it is assumed not all natives are aware of hopping. In fact, it is hard to tell who is even sentient there, as not all species are understood, not all individuals are members of any species, and species doesn't seem to determine sentience there. And other problems like that. In essence, it operates for the most part as a neutral reality. The sovereign status is honorary. No one seems to know quite why it is called sovereign.
Over the years it has become a very popular reality to visit, especially if you want to go insane. Any number of so-called "sequel realities" have been established by various hoppers, which use Roman numerals in their names (Why? II, Why? III, and so forth). No one's sure just how many of them there are, as it seems to change. New realities in the series are created, old ones vanish, and sometimes vanished realities reappear. No one has tried to catalog the individual realities in the series in years. There is little if any way to tell the difference between these realities from within; little if anything remains the same within any of them. But if you think of a number along with the name when you hop, you can only assume that's the number you arrive at.
Why? V, IX, and XX are Paradox-secure. Why? IV, VII, XIII, XXII, and XXIX are Betan-secure; others may be without Paradox's certain knowledge. Most Why?s are neutral or insecure. Some hoppers would like to establish a Sovereign Union of the entire Why? Series, but no one much cares. Such a union would be completely untenable, it is generally assumed.

Wordcut- Neutral Reality
Created 1995, by Andrew of the OR. Very few native Cutters enjoy their lives, as the reality was set up to be a very dark, gritty, sort of punk-noir type place. The language, Wordcut, is in constant flux, new slang is made up constantly.

Created 200 B.C. by followers of Robert Bex, for the purpose of imprisoning their leader when they realized he was insane. Bex is apparently still there, but as there is no way in or out of X, nothing is known of its internal history since then.

Xanth- Insecure Reality
Created 1985, by Timothy of Atoz. Fiction-based reality. In 1985, Timothy discovered a reality there was no record of on Atoz. He explored it a little- it took a while to realize it definitely wasn't the OR. The only discernible difference was that here there was no magic, and even magical-seeming, though para-scientific phenomena such as reality-hopping were somewhat chancy. He was momentarily scared he wouldn't be able to hop out, but he did. He reported the reality to Atoz, and named it Mundania, after a place in a series of books from the OR (which also existed in Mundania itself, though people there didn't call their world Mundania).
This prompted him to look into whether another place from the books existed, Xanth. To his mild surprise, it didn't, so he created it. If you are unfamiliar with the Xanth series by Piers Anthony (apparently a non-hopper from Mundania), you are encouraged to read it for information on the reality based on the books. As is the general custom, realities based on fictions usually tend to follow more or less exactly the fictions they are based on, including any new details added in future volumes of the fiction.
A curious note of interest: the reality Xanth can sometimes be reached from the reality Mundania, and Mundania could almost always be reaced from Xanth, without hopping. One might think the former would be impossible, because of Mundania's lack of magic; however, it is possible because of the nature of the reality Xanth, which was set up in such a way as to allow it to be reached from Mundania.

Zinctal- Paradox Recruitment agent (A.D.)
Born 1925, Eztal. Psychiatrist. Recruited 1965. Developed Zinctal Method of Recruitment.