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People who work for hopping organizations such as Paradox or the Betans. There are many types of agents, most of which are common to any orgs. Agents are observed, recruited, and trained. After that, they are fairly autonomous in their actions, choose their own assignments, and report back to their headquarters if and when they feel like it.
CSPs. See Creator-Scientist-Philosopher. CSPs can be Independent, or can be agents for organizations such as Paradox or the Betans.
Field agents have the most active and variable jobs, other than Multi-agents. They go to different realities and attempt to secure them for their organization.
Information Connectors (IC's) keep information flowing between other agents, keep records, often act as receptionists. Some would say they're unofficially the most powerful agents, even though strictly speaking, all agents (at least in Paradox) are of equal rank.
Multi-agents do just about anything they feel like, any of the jobs that other agents specialize in. There aren't many Multi-agents (most of them are Founders); they're something of an elite.
Recruitment agents observe and prepare potential recruits.
Recruit Trainers train new recruits.
Stationary agents are non-hoppers who are aware of hopping, and do what they can in their RO. Some are SSPs, the Stationary equivalent of CSPs.
Strategists (often referred to as "strats") make plans for securing realities, among other things. These plans are passed on to Info-Connectors, who pass them on to the necessary agents (CSPs, Field agents, etc.)
Transition Facilitators work with potential recruits who have been prepared by Recruitment agents. They tell potentials about their organization and invite them to join.
Warriors. From time to time, in the course of inter-reality wars, as in any wars, it is necessary to engage in plain old armed conflict; fighting. All agents are trained in various hand-to-hand combat techniques, as well as in the use of many varieties of weapons, from various realities. All agents may potentially be called at any time to operate on such a level individually, in the normal course of their work; or as members of a larger force of agents.
Watchers keep an eye on their organization's agents and keep the organization apprised of the agents' progress. They can also make sure agents are doing as they should, and will sometimes report suspicions that agents have gone Rogue. They can also spot potential recruits, and refer Recruiting agents to them.

Andrew- Independent hopper
Born 1982, OR. Created Wordcut. Died 1995.

Assumed Dead (A.D.) / Assumed Living (A.L.) / Variable
Sometimes hoppers appear to die in their reality of origin, in which case they will be unable to return there to most of their friends and family. Sometimes they can go there, but show themselves only to those who are aware of hopping. Sometimes they can appear to those who believe them dead, but they must generally claim to be ghosts if they do this. (Of course, hoppers from realities where the general populace do not know of hopping and don't have any other explanations for people living a very long time, all eventually have to fake their deaths, on account of old age; they also have to fake aging.)
Sometimes hoppers do not appear to die in their RO, in which case they may have to spend a considerable amount of time there, maintain jobs and relationships, keep up appearances. They may then have less opportunity for hopping, particularly full-body hopping.
In very rare cases, a hopper's stutus may vary repeatedly in his or her RO, for reasons we won't go into here and now.

Atoz- Paradox-secure
Created 1765 by a hopper from the OR. Includes extensive libraries and research facilities. Primary function is cataloging and keeping data on all known realities and reality-hoppers, and pretty much anything that's known about hopping. It is the capital reality of Paradox.

Ayels, Sheila- Paradox Information Connector (A.L.)
Born 1976, Atoz.

When a reality is created, it often has a backhistory. Sometimes a backhistory is not necessary to a reality, and so the reality will not have one. Sometimes it will have a backhistory seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years old. Sometimes a backhistory may go back hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of years, or even infinitely. A reality's backhistory will be just as real as its present and its future, but a hopper may not hop to the reality before it is created (except in the extremely rare instance that a native hopper is born there before the reality's creation- and then only he can hop back there after hopping out, or he can bring an outside hopper with him), although he might hop there after it has been created and while there may time travel to its past, even its pre-creation past. There are rarely native hoppers in a reality before it is created, but it is not entirely unheard of.

Balar, Jackson- Betan Field agent
Born 1793, Jurex. Monk.

Beta- Betan-secure
Created c.8000 B.C. by unknown hopper, from the OR. Beta is the second reality to exist, and the first hopper-created reality. The Betans are the chief enemy of Paradox, they intend to form an empire of every reality, and make Beta the capital reality of this empire. They may also wish to destroy the OR.

Be'tel- Rogue agent
Born 1776, InterTrav. Captain of the Rogues' Galley, a hop-ship. It is almost unheard of for someone who was born sometime in the backhistory created at the time a reality is created to be a hopper, especially someone born more than a normal lifetime before his or her reality would be created. Sometimes a person born before his reality is created could become a hopper after it's created, if he lives till then. But Be'tel is one of those one-in-a-googillion people who was hopping long before his reality was actually created-- nearly a century and a half, in fact.
He is one of the founders of Rogue Group, and a friend of an unknown number of Paradox agents and associates. He has been captain of the Rogue's Galley since its launch sometime in the 1990s.

Bex, Robert- Independent hopper/imperialist
Born 2000 B.C., OR. Vizier/Sorcerer. He instigated one of the earliest inter-reality wars, and was very nearly successful in his goals. He was tricked into entering an inescapable reality in 200 B.C. by a small group of his own followers.

Bitz- Sovereign reality
Created 1901, by Derek of the OR. Often the first reality to develop new next generation technologies. Produces a greater than average percentage of CSPs and SSPs.

This is when one hopper, through physical contact, brings another hopper or hoppers into a reality, without the other hopper(s) knowing where they're going. Or, when a hopper has no particular destination in mind when he or she hops; the hopper merely thinks of a vague idea of the sort of reality he or she might like to go to, and allows the hop to take him or her to the reality most nearly matching the vague description. If no extant reality closely matches the description, a new reality will be created, and the hopper may add detail to it when he or she gets there.

Brad- Paradox Transition Facilitator (A.L.)
Born 1957, OR. Janitor. Recruited 1987.

Bridge- Paradox-secure
Created 1982 by a hopper from the OR.

Burton- Rogue agent
Born 1988, OR. Hair stylist.

Calman- Paradox Watcher/Rogue agent (Variable)
Born 1900, Eztal. Spy. Recruited 1935.

Coltin- Paradox-secure
Created 1516 by Giovanni of Flodon. The countries are each named for a color, and each country's native citizens are the color their country is named after. Countries include:
Beige (the sole independent country)
Brightint Alliance: Yellow, Red, White, Orange
CrossBlue Empire: Blue, Purple, Violet, Aqua-Marine
Darklight Dominion: Brown, Black, Coffee, Copper
Grey-Rose Empire: Grey, Rose, Pink, Maroon, Brick, Manilla
Precious Kingdom: Platinum, Silver, Jade
Rebel Alliance: Gold, Green
Tropical Federacy: Lemon-Lime, Honey, Mango, Peach, Sienna

Creator-Scientist-Philosopher (CSP)
A job which combines all 3 elements of the title, and many more. They create realities, mainly for research purposes, they develop theories about the nature of hopping, they invent all sorts of technology, both for hopping and Stationary purposes.

Cre'it'ra- Fixer agent
Born 1889, Extrica. Created Nontecnico'lan. Disappeared 1950.

Dale- Paradox Recruitment agent (A.L.)
Born 1996, OR. Small business owner/musician. Recruited 2016.

Danlora- Paradox Stationary agent (A.L.)
Born 1970, Coltin. Singer. Recruited 1987.

The Dave- Independent hopper/imperialist
He is from Xanth, and hopping is his talent. It is impossible to pinpoint his time of birth, even to the millennium, in part because of the nature of Xanth and its temporal relationship to other realities, and in part because of the Dave's secrecy. It is also unknown whether his real name is Dave or something else, but he has added 'the' to his name, real or assumed, to create a position title. It is expected that his successors, should there be any, will also be called the Dave.
He is attempting to create his own inter-reality empire. It is believed he is still in the early stages of doing this; that is, the creation of his own realities to serve as a power base for future conquest. His intentions toward other organizations such as Paradox and the Betan Empire are unclear.

David- Paradox Field agent (A.D.)
Born August 23, 1977, OR. Computer programmer. Recruited 2015.

A Deeper Shade of Insanity (DSI)
Also called adsoi. Refers to the mental condition inherent in reality-hoppers, which is similar to actual insanity in nonhoppers. This condition gives hoppers their abilities, and a number of shared character traits, such as similar senses of humor.

Détente- Neutral Reality
Created 1921 by delegations from Atoz and Beta. It was the first neutral reality; specifically created for that purpose. It is now the de facto "capital neutral reality," governed by a panel of delegates from Atoz and Beta, exerting some influence over other officially recognized neutral realities. It is occasionally the site of inter-organizational summits.

Devlin, Derek- Bitz hopper
Born 1885, OR. World leader. Created Bitz.

Devonasis- Paradox-secure
Created 602 by Sir Dimistrey of the OR. Based on Arthurian England. ROR of Founder Dimistrey.

(Sir) Dimistrey- Paradox Multi-agent (A.D.)
Born 550?, OR. Knight. Created Devonasis. Helped found Paradox, 1899.

Entel- (see Nontecnico'lan)

Extrica- Paradox-secure
Created 1778, by an unknown hopper from the OR. Home to a number of tribes similar to those of Earth, in the OR. Has many languages, the most common of which is Kriot (sort of a tribal Esperanto).

Eztal- Paradox-secure
Created 1861 by a hopper from the OR.

Fiction-based reality
A reality based on a work or works of fiction from a previously existing reality, often the OR. Everything that is written and/or produced about a fictional universe is included in a fiction-based reality, and anything that is added to a continuing fiction after the reality based on it is created will also be added to that reality. This is a most curious framework, as it allows non-hoppers who know nothing of hopping, nor obviously, of the reality based on their writing, to unwittingly contribute details to that reality.

The Fixers
Paradox's name for a hopper organization they first heard of in 2016. No specifics about them are known, but they seem to be a small group of friends who like to try to fix up situations they perceive as messes on the part of Paradox and the Betans. At worst, they're probably harmless. At best, they could become valuable allies to Paradox.

Flodon- Paradox-secure
Created 1486 by two hoppers from the OR. Consists of two countries: England and Italia.

People who found hopper organizations such as Paradox. All founders of Paradox are considered Multi-agents of that org (very few non-founders will ever be Multi-agents). The term "Founder" is often used when addressing or discussing founders, as a sign of respect.

A framework is the most basic level of the inherent nature of a reality. Quite simply, it determines what can and cannot conceivably happen in a reality. When a hopper creates a reality, he or she also creates a framework for it, which only they can alter in any way. They may create the framework such that only they will be able to add any detail to the reality's nature which will be built upon that framework. They may create a framework such that other hoppers will be able to add detail to the reality's nature, so long as such details do not explicitly diverge from the basic framework.
When creating a reality, it is always a good idea to be as specific as possible in the nature of the framework; overlooked details can sometimes be discovered and exploited in the future by other hoppers, often without their realizing the details they add go against the creator's intentions.

Genre- Betan-secure
Created 1997 by hoppers from the OR. It is chiefly one planet, which can interact with other realities, bring anyone (hopper or not) to Genre for a time. It can consist of more than just the principal planet when needs be. It shifts between every genre of history/stories from the OR (chiefly Earth). Time does not exist there in a particularly linear fashion; its various periods exist in a generally disjointed sort of backhistory, "present," and forehistory. Its "present" actually can be said to have some corellation with the "present" as it exists in Inter-time, but also involves a sort of mobius loop traveling between all its various periods in what is sometimes a random, almost unpredictable fashion, and sometimes is controlled by the world's leaders (who may or may not be its creators).
ROR of Founder West. Taken over by the Betans in 2018.

Giovanni- Independent hopper
Born 1500, Flodon. Created Coltin. Died 1630.

Guardpost Reality
A reality which must be traveled through to reach a protected (secure) reality. If one is authorized to hop to a secure reality, they will pass through a guardpost reality automatically, they won't even notice it- unless, of course, they are intentionally hopping to a guardpost reality, as their intended destination. If an unauthorized person attempts to hop to a secure reality, they may be diverted to a guardpost reality and detained until they obtain clearance. If they do not obtain clearance, they may be sent away or detained indefinitely.
Guardpost realities are created usually by Warriors and CSPs immediately after a reality is secured by their organization. Warriors are stationed in guardpost realities on a rotating basis. An invading enemy force would have to entirely overtake all guardpost realities protecting a secure reality before moving on to that reality. The most important realities to a hopper organization (such as Atoz) can have sometimes dozens of guardpost realities protecting them.

Hell- Neutral reality
Created 1930 by Paradox CSPs. Primary function is to experience what it would be like if the world were spinning very quickly backwards while you were standing still, then it suddenly stopped.

Henry- Paradox Recruit Trainer (A.L.)
Born 1983, Atoz.

Higher Reality
A concept which suggests a Reality outside of IRE, a place created by the Creator or Creators of the OR, probably at the same time as the OR or perhaps even before it. This Higher Reality could include religious concepts such as Heaven and Hell, and similar concepts of various religions, even if such conceptual places exist in a different way as realities within Inter-Reality Existence.

A certain aura or area of space surrounding a hopper, which can be extended a small distance so that certain things, such as clothes or small equipment, can be carried with the hopper into another reality. Usually only works with inanimate objects.

Hopper John- Independent associate
Born 1762, Atoz. Cook.
Technically, Hopper John is an organizational employee, although that term generally refers to non-hoppers. Since he is a hopper who is not an agent of Paradox, he is granted the honorary status of independent associate. He is in charge of the Paradox New England campus caf in Atoz. He was three years old when his reality of origin was created.

Hopper organization
Any group of reality-hoppers who come together for a common goal or goals. The best examples of this are Paradox and the Betans, but there are surely other, smaller orgs.

See "ship-hop."

It is possible to create within a reality, an area of that reality which is reachable only through a hop-tunnel. Hop-tunnels can only be used to connect one area of a reality to another area of that reality; never to connect two realities. A hoptunnel can be locked off to permit access only to people authorized to travel through it. Since it technically does not involve hopping out of the reality, it can be used by non-hoppers, but only if it has been shown to them by a hopper, as non-hoppers cannot see it unless it has been pointed out. Hop-tunnels were originally invented by an independent CSP, but they can be created by any hopper who's been trained by a CSP to create them.

Ilvinia- Paradox Watcher (A.L.)
Born 1991, Bridge. Recruited 2016.

Independent associate
Hopper who is aware of organizations such as Paradox, and, while opting not to join them, does occasionally help one out, if the mood strikes and they can be of use.

Independent hopper
Hopper who is unaware of the existence of hopping organizations such as Paradox and the Betan empire, or who is aware of them but chooses not to join such organizations.

Insecure Reality
A reality which is not under the protection/control of any hopper organization. The general populations of such realities usually are not aware of reality-hopping.

Inter-reality comm system
Created 1931 by CSP Tilgren of Bitz. A device which can be attached to ordinary intra-reality comm systems, and when within a hop-field, can create a tightbeam connection between itself and a similar device in another reality, which is within another hop-field. Capable of transmitting and receiving audio and visual signals.

Inter-Reality Existence (IRE)
Everything. All universes, all realities, all time, all dimensions. Everything that has ever existed.

Also called OR time. It is a system of measuring time used for easy reference between realities. Many realities are even set up to experience time in the same way as the OR. It is based usually on Earth time, although there can be influences from other planets in the OR.

InterTrav- Neutral Reality
Created 1936 by a hopper from Atoz. Primary purpose is providing interstellar travel capabilities.

IRE-Land- Neutral Reality
A recreational world. Hoppers come here to play games of every type. It is a popular place for hoppers of opposing organizations to hang out together, as well as Independent hoppers. Inter-Reality Olympics are sometimes held here. They aren't held regularly, but when they are held, they last a month. Throughout that month, many games are played, including a single game of IRE-Land.
The reality of IRE-Land was named for the game IRE-Land. In fact, the reality was created originally as a place to play IRE-Land; it became a resort at which to engage in other activities later. The game was named after the concept of Inter-Reality Existence, and it's something of a pun.
IRE-Land is something like Tri-D Chess; or wargames with paint-guns; or Risk, or Stratego; but far more complicated. "Continents" are replaced by hopper organizations, "territories" by realities. Before each game, realities are agreed upon by the players, so that each game can be different. There are never less than 100 territories in the game, and they don't necessarily occupy the same continent from game to game. 100 is the minimum, but usually only novice players use the minimum. There are usually at least 300 territories in the game, and advanced players can use upwards of 1000 territories. Such games can take months (standard games take at least a week), so they're played mostly by Independent hoppers and agents who set their own schedules. The number of players in IRE-Land is unlimited, but it's usually no more than three. Sometimes, however, there are teams. It is worth noting that the game is not played on a board, and dice are seldom involved. The playing field is reminiscent of Star Trek's holodecks, although on a much larger and more realistic scale. It is a game of strategy, moreso than any other game ever conceived, other than reality itself.

Jackrat- Paradox Stationary agent (A.L.)
Born 1981, Wordcut. Dealer/Dissident/Gov. Recruited 2011.

Jasper- Paradox Stationary agent/Rogue agent (A.L.)
Born March 16, 1983, OR. Given name: Alexander. Gamer/Scientist. Recruited 2016. First TSP.

Jeremy- Independent hopper
Born 1978, OR. Created Pearlite.

Jerry- Paradox Field agent (A.D.)
Born 1973, OR. Weatherman. Recruited 2016.

Jurex- Betan-secure
Created 1598, by Talista of Beta. Test reality for the training of Betan agents, particularly CSP's and Warriors. Also supports a minor colony of about 15,000 inhabitants, most of whom are Independent hoppers (or descendants of same) from Betan-secure realities.

Justin- Paradox Transition Facilitator (A.L.)
Born 1961, OR. EMT. Recruited 1986.

Klim- Paradox Watcher (A.L.)
Born 1994, Eztal. Painter. Recruited 2016.

The Lake- Paradox-secure
Created 1651. Recreational reality. It is interesting to note that while it is considered by hoppers to be grammatically proper to say one is "in" most realities, it is generally agreed upon to say one is "on" the Lake, as being "in" the Lake sounds wetter than is necessarily the case.
Districts include Nontosh, Aberlin, ...

Laura- Paradox Field agent (A.D.)
Born June 30, 1984, OR. Writer. Recruited 2009.

Minos, Talista- Betan CSP
Born 1465, Beta. Created Jurex.

Mundania- Insecure reality
Created c.450 by an unknown bishop of the OR. Some would call it an indirectly fiction-based reality, though this is generally considered highly inaccurate. This is one of the more fascinating realities in existance, so say the historian-CSPs who have studied it. Its creator was a hopper who never knew that he was. In fact, he could not possibly have conceived of such a thing, of magic of any kind. He didn't believe magic truly existed, and he wouldn't have wanted to live in a world where it did. And so, his mind, without his knowledge, created a new reality where it didn't truly exist. In all respects, this new universe was exactly the same as the OR, with the same history, the same people, etc. The bishop never knew he had hopped to this new reality, and continued to live out his natural life there, very happily. There have never been, and can never be, any native Mundanian hoppers.
Amazingly, the OR and Mundania (which was so named upon discovery in 1985 by an Independent associate from Atoz) have continued to develop in almost a completely parallel fashion, and are practically indistinguishable from one another. The majority of people in both realities disbelieve in magic, although in both some believe it once existed, and some believe it still exists somewhere in the world. In fact, it does still exist in the OR, and is practiced by about as many people as attempt to practice it in Mundania.
For further information concerning Mundania indirectly, see Xanth.

Neotaire- Betan-secure
Created c.8000 B.C. Betans' name for their reality. Some of them consider the terms "Beta" and "Betan" somewhat derogatory.

Neutral Reality
A reality which rival hopping organizations have agreed to recognize as independent, where agents of both organizations are free to go. No fighting is to take place there.

Nirvana- Neutral Reality
Date of creation and creator unknown. nirvana: 1: the final beatitude that transcends suffering, karma, and samsara and is sought esp. in Buddhism through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness 2a: a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality b: a goal hoped for but apparently unattainable: DREAM.
It is theorized that this reality came into existence when an unknown Buddha who happened also to be a reality-hopper, most likely unknowingly, achieved enlightenment. It is possible that other practioners of Buddhism, even though they be nonhoppers, enter this reality upon enlightenment, even retroactively (i.e., those who achieved enlightenment, even died, before the reality was created, entered the reality at the time of their enlightenment; this is possible because the reality would have had a history upon its creation, and also because time is irrelevant to the point of virtual non-existence in Nirvana).
There are also those who believe there could be another Nirvana, a more 'real' one that exists either within the multiverses of the OR and any reality where Buddhism is practiced; or in some Higher Reality, outside of IRE, a Reality which could also include Heaven and Hell and any similar concepts of various religions.

Nontecnico'lan- Paradox-secure
Created 1921, by Cre'it'ra of Extrica. Reality's name is commonly shortened to Entel. There are roughly 17 tribal empires, as well as independent villages and rogue groups. There are three languages, the most common being Kriot-of-Extrica (normally referred to simply as Kriot). The average size of the smaller empires is 4 villages. The largest empires are:
To'akt'an- about 20 villages
Ol'mak- about 18 villages
Arik'tre'tan- about 10 villages.
Note: this may not reflect recent developments

Nylander, Dylan- Paradox Recruiting agent (A.L.)
Born 1969, OR. Psychiatrist. Recruited 1990.

Olay- Paradox Field agent (A.L.)
Born 1311, Solan. Recruited 1962.

Orbel- Independent associate
Date of birth and reality-of-origin unknown. First association with Paradox 1996.

Orga Far
Empire created between 2000 and 200 B.C. by Robert Bex. It is not known how many realities it included, and it is believed to be dead.

Organizational employee
There are many non-hoppers, in secure realities, who work for hopper organizations, but who are not agents; are not actually part of the organization. This obviously does not refer to stationary agents, who are part of their organizations as much as any hopper agents. But many more people are needed to run a hopper org than just its agents. Generally, employees are in support services. Jobs can be culinary, custodial, medical, scientific, clerical, religious, educational, etc.
Also, military. While all agents have occasional duty as warriors, the vast majority of an organization's military is comprised of non-hopping employees, who serve in their RO. Ordinarily, agents rank higher than employees, but when an agent is serving as a warrior, he or she is, with the exception of Multi-agents, at the lowest level of the military, and must accept orders from the organizational employees in command positions in the military. The military of one secure reality will keep in contact with their counterparts in other realities through warriors and inter-reality comm systems.

The Original Reality (OR)- Insecure Reality
Not to be confused with an RO or ROR. The first reality ever to exist. The majority of reality-hoppers come from here, although the majority of the population are non-hoppers who are unaware that hopping takes place, or that other realities exist.