Chaos/order/balance notes/outline type stuff

Original party: Darius, Tom, Tiejo
Alecstar Inco, Cameron Piper, Ginger Protestant, Emma Pseud, Tino
Marian Frisson, John ?; Jasp Underground
Lonewanders, Streetrats,
Vallus, Col. Stavros Supprus & army
Pirates (navy)


author's notes: if i ever mention minutes, it's a mistake, should be centhours. Horses should be striders.

Band plays along the way
(can't play; would attract attention, wish they could)

Underground has Woodrat deliver message to Chieftain on Breakhead's behalf.

Tanq: Garage: Ampersand & Ampersand
Tanq: Bad guy fires Dex Bigthink; Dex decks him; loans money for garage.
Go to see West.

Silas Des Caina creates vampyres (Noctur'kin & Diurn'kin);
LandOrder woos Silas.
InterGang wants vampyres against LandOrder, Silas wants against Elves

Chaos Part 2

Darius says "Let us use this time (traveling to Triscot) to disucss and begin to map out some of our ideas about as to what the Chaos will be, when we finally put it into action. To begin, I think our government should not be a government..."

Triscot: Alecstar leads group to Lonewanders.
"I know a place we may be able to hide, but only for a little while. Our enemies would be sure to find us there before long."
Man stops them, recognizes Major Alec. "I'm a retainer of Adam's. We worked together on the escape route."
Darius recognizes him. He and Star wonder what man is doing there.
"Still working for Adam, of course."

"Treu" kids talk with Darius: cloud/moon, Staguar, etc. Play Kaiju Cards.

Cara helps form Chaos Navy from pirates at Shanty. Should be a pirate called Mr. Sharpblunt; serves with Cara on pirate ship, may be Cara's first mate later in navy.
former master and friend of Rune, Alphonse Teach, in pirate crew.

Millith- Brista?

Don Cherilyn Amalgamator meets Tiejo.
Darius reunites with childhood friends Dave MakeRoad (what if your doppelganger was a lifelong friend?), Chris Dennis son, talks of Rob & Harm MakeBale (now in Tanq; Independent vs. Order father)
Dave makes up "centhour" joke.

Meet Arnold Sidelinger Streetrat

at some point read newspaper: research on the effects of Happiness
(little evidence of deleterious effects);
election (Quinn Darkstrider? Demos/ major competitor?);
preparations in Ship for the World Fair (Su'mo');
Ristarians found Barbequeue ("line up and eat")

every We'yetday progress reports toward Illuminati;
recruit Brills in Tonad, contact BiShip, Black Profits, Agency;
recruit Lydia Hornpowder in Tanq; family unicorn business

a former master (Rune Parollelogram) refuses to work for Order schools,
gets no work, becomes Streetrat. very smart and proud. joins Tiejo.
always says "if you can afford a bottle of birch beer, then you are in Heaven, sir."

Nobles indulge in high fashion and speech.
Titles created (mr, ms, dr, king, etc)
Mk from Make

Meet Guy Artisan, who has a band including Ewan Strumming
(little brother of Jake the mechanic), Gowan, Rowan, Cowan, etc?

A conversation:
"He s using black magic."
"What's that mean?"
"Um, well, magic. Just... evil, sort of."
"And when exactly did the color black start representing evil?"
"Hey, don't ask me. It's a subphrase, or something."
"Oh. Oh, hey yeah. Okay. Weird. Huh."
(Black Profits started it, with "black market")

between Triscot/Near Port have conversations, continue getting to know each other, esp. Darius and Marian.

Cameron and Emma are best friends, which is odd because they're so different, he's stoic and pessimistic and cynicale, she's upbeat and outgoing, friendly and optimistic. Darius becomes a good friend with both of them.

Meet a gryphon who talks of the war over spelling (griffin).
(Silly, everyone knows gryphon is cooler.)
he reminds us, all sentience came from humans.

Chew/smoke purpleshade. At some point, Durell had said the term "shadeclone" had something to do with one of the ingredients. While smoking, Cameron realizes what that meant, and passed the information on to Noson Protestant, to use against Noson Turner.

Play Surreal (you should see the game He made on Earth, Excommunication/undead)

Ginger and friends, including Dave Road, play mock game of Surreal- but find themselves in the past. She talks to God, who welcomes her by name. Others are missing, but he says they're safe, and will find their way here, after he's gone. Connor and Bridget are babies. The others are elsewhere, and they all find babies, too. God explains to Ginger that Brist abridged and amalgamated parts of the first chapter of his book. Babies needed full life experience, learning things from him at various points in their lives, as well as on their own. He doesn't want her to amend the O'Gast, except to say there were other people at the same time as Connor and Bridget. But she wonders if they'd get in trouble for playing Surreal? He says it will be known that they didn't play for real at the time, could not have known this would happen, so they'll be okay. Plus it will become known because of this that there were no incestuous relationships at the dawn of civilization. She asks, isn't the book of Connor & Bridget the first history book, shouldn't it be accurate? He says Lucifer provided inaccurate passages to Brist...

Meet Col. Supprus army

Rescue Vallus
Running gag: (anyone who meets him asks) "Aren't you dead?"
Vallus to Darius: "Nope, I guess they didn't want to make me into a martyr, so they've kept me alive."
Darius: "But everyone thought you were dead, so in effect, you were a martyr."
Vallus: "Not a very effective one, it seems. I heard we lost the war soon after I 'died.'"
Darius: "Of course, you never can tell whether the death of a leader will inspire the troops or demoralize them. It could go either way."
Vallus: "Yeah, I've certainly been feeling rather demoralized, myself."
Darius: "Well, perhaps joining my rebellion would help remoralize you."
Vallus: "Y'know what I think would really help, actually, is if we could get the hell out of here..."

Alecstar becomes general of Chaos army

Order armies chase Chaos army out of Northern Alliance
Tino is a Spirit.
compares Tiejo to chamberlain, gollum, zathras, toastboy.
Tino talks to Darius: The Land was a grand experiment, spirits helping the world develop more quickly than those worlds left mostly to themselves. Will the help overcome the innate contentment of people, their willingness or desire to remain unchanged, maintain the status quo?
Also: Darius thinks of how Landers only know so many stories from other worlds, and wonders if stories they write or even things they do are similar to stories spirits haven't related. He worries too as to whether all the stories he writes are truly original, though he's never heard anything quite like them.

In the end, Tino provides Darius stories of the battle between chaos & order, the eternal struggle, "a most popular and prolific theme of fantasy and sci-fi, not to mention real life." Lets him read stories not only of other chaos/order battles from other worlds, but of Darius own life (only after the events detailed have already transpired), in books written on Earth nearly a millennium earlier.

"So you've known all along what would happen? Then why get involved?"
"It was written."
"Anyway, why would a spirit spend time reading old books and playing in bands and such? Don't you have better things to do with your time?"
"Such as?"

Cameron and Tiejo translocate; Tiejo organizes Streetrats, while Cameron gathers Lonewanders and their supporters, who help turn back the Order at Triscot
Cherilyn helps, with Poss's consent. eventually landorder and chaos work together to a degree, also vampyres.
two streetrats capture, kill enemy Sorreter.
Triscot is secured as capital of the Chaos.
John leaves.

Lonewanders come out of hiding. Rival clan competes for power positions, tries to lure Streetrats to their side.
Benj Illustri, a member of the clan betrays them, helps Lonewanders, tho still dislikes them. later acts as liason between Chaos & Balance.

At some point, Darius says to Marian: "You're cool. ...Don't worry, you don't have to say it back."

Primus is going to First Village, invites Darius and company.

First Village: ELC (clown) Giac Thesaurus, (ancestory Perryh founded ELC 135, friend of Blynn first toast - you don t drink, you eat)
chairman of ELC, writes newsletter disseminating submissions from members; impressed by Pseud, invites her to join ELC. (had heard of her from Listrin Des'Tambor) Befriends Tiejo, promises to help with Fellowship subword.

Illuminati are causing trouble for Intergang, which needs to regroup, recruit, appoint new leaders. They are weakened and vulnerable; Landorder attacks as Primus hires DesCaina away. Both gangs are too busy to bother with Chaos for a time; Jasp calls Palzo, who gets Chieftain to meet with Darius.
Chieftain talks to Primus, wants an in with Chaos, hedging bets against Darkstrider becoming king, because he advocates alliance between InterVil and the Syndicate.

Chaos Triumvirate (may be more than three; ala hitchhiker trilogy)
Darius, Alecstar, Vallus- approach King Demos. first talk with Cameron, Cara, Tiejo, Capp- you'd better be worth the effort-, etc?)
(interesting interpretation of reality.)
(do you want a war? I don't- not right now. But if that's what you want, I can give you one.)

Demos refuses to give up throne; Poss conversation with Demos overheard by gangs etc. (Jasp works with Roark Kidman)
Arch-bishop and bishops have spies and influence in government, contrary to Biship Kizin s Plan.
Ties to warrants Durell had ordered for Chaos earlier.
Bishop Dalin & Roark Kidman discover order spies; Dalin becomes Orthodox arch-bishop.

Someone suggets to Darius it's ironic the Chaos has gang ties though the Order's use of gangs is one of the chief arguments against the government.

Darkstrider elected. Demos considered mad; Beverly divorces him, moves back to Frinn (Gateman)
(Royal becomes synonymous with madness)-
Chieftain has spies watch ex-Royals in Frinn

First Asylum is founded by William Stream-of-Consciousness and another psychotherapist, who will prove less than entirely ethical in the future. Demos becomes dangerous and is committed; may be one of the original reasons for the asylum's creation.

System of checks and balances established, 3 denomination New Order:
Orthodox (monab), Protestant (plist), Independent (sorret).
3 arch-bishops under one Cardinal.
Darius, Cameron, maybe Marian, steal history book...


early- God creates game "Surreal"
for it to work, all players must invoke the game by saying, "Let the game Surreal commence." each player takes a turn saying or doing something strange, ridiculous, or impossible. normally, the game is won by the last player to abandon the game; when it is down to one player, the game is nullified, it cannot continue. if all or several players choose to quit at once, they each say, "the game Surreal is ended," and it is nullified.
there will come to be various versions of the game. one of the most famous versions may be only a rumor- the rule being that the winner is the last one left sane at the end.

135- Blynn (spirit-talker) makes first Irish cream on the Land
Perryh creates first toast, "To Blynn," founds ELC

399-404: Prophet movement.
Anteprophets speak of my books
403- Dark One (Dalv) born; Last major Prophecy: There will return a Dark One who will not know himself for many years; there will be a Dark Servant who knows himself all his life and waits silently to hear of the Return.
There will be Chaos Knights to stop the Dark One when he returns.
The Dark One will have been largely unknown in his own time, but between his first death and his return, he will have gained greater power than ever seen before.

404- First Order, Monab, Arch-bishop Malcolm, end of Prophets
435- Hamish becomes second Arch-bishop
436- game of Surreal goes terribly awry; Hamish spearheads movement in which all villages ban the game. Sorreters create spells to warn if anyone should speak the words to invoke the game, and take swift action to deal with the players.
475- Dark One dies; Dark Servant's descendants maintain secret knowledge throughout the generations, awaiting his return
539- Sorreters (Mor) first start creating mythical creatures. (human sentience only kind there is to draw from)
564-616 Tooblan writer/actor.
600- Ogres created.
617- goblins created.
666- ogres and goblins combined into orcs in Drop Lake mts. by descendant of Dark Servant, hoping to conquer world in Dark One's name, to prepare for his arrival. Ogres and goblins, longtime enemies, unite against orcs.
Dark Descendant, orcs, and small band of ogres migrate to Kimrin mts.

the Coming

900- Dark Prophets, having forseen the Coming but not its details, learn of the role gangs play in the Plan, and form their own gang starting in Kimrin, the Dark Profits. Only the leaders know the truth about the gang's origins, most members think it's just another gang.

at opening ceremonies of the first world fair, Marcus Emcee jokingly says, "let the games commence." many are mortified, others amused. some think it should become a traditional statement, but that suggestion is voted down.

admiral of navy killed. After Order established, general Primus becomes marshal of army & navy. Tovan Middlebury (trusted and wise) becomes general; Althis Portman (reckless and surly, but smart and loyal) becomes admiral. each army headed by a col and each naval base/fleet by a commodore. Army HQ is at Near Port and Navy at Port. Primus splits time between First Village, Kimrin (his home), and Near Port.
Stavros Supprus (former captain to major Alec) col of Kimrin
James Major (former captain to major Althis; ambitious, honest, tough, fiercely loyal to Althis and the Order) col of Port
Charles Woodman (former captain to major Tovan; family of woodsmen; loyal to Tovan and the Order, doesn't know Tovan is a sympathizer of the Protestants) col of Near Port.


Referendum (7 Su'yet, 913) villages vote to join UVC, remain with Order, or become independent. Chaos wins Tanq, Jump Village, and Plist. Sorret independent/ Sorret Sovereign Savings (2% interest from investors)
Referendum leads to Darius's capture.
Southport is founded.

4 Lovable scamps-
"Dude, nobody on the Land cares about infringing on copyrights that were held on another planet 900 years ago."

Darius feels he's tagging along with Marian, she's the important one. He just feels lucky to be with her. He respects her more than anyone else, especially himself. He feels inadequate, inferior, in so many ways. He trusts her opinions and such more than his own, and doesn't much care where he goes or what happens as long as he's with her. He cares more about her wishes, her happiness, than his own. Nothing makes him happier than making her happy in any way he can. Nothing hurts him more than failing to make her happy, or upsetting her. Things he wanted to do before don't mean as much. They're like hobbies, time-filler, or at best ways to prove himself to her, though he'll never feel worthy of her. She is his reason for living. She is the nearest thing to his ideal kind of person, he loves everything about her, almost.

Temporaneous, ex-Sorreters. Other-colored people. Red Sand People move to australia-lookin land.
Cameron girlfriend, Stacie Mysticist?
Lorraine and Emma friendship/more?

At some point Lorraine might say to Darius, "you and Emma think so much alike, I suppose if i weren't Julian I'd probably fall in love with you."

Royal twins born.

Freeport founded, Emma helps. (outlet stores)

Dave Road seems to be doing better when gets job as a audio jockey, but when an unfinished literary masterwork is stolen and he cannot reproduce it from memory to his satisfaction, he kills himself. a publisher had heard him telling the early parts of his story in a pub where Dave told stories for free drinks. publisher wanted to buy story on spec. I think it is around this time a game of surreal causes previous game to become real?

Darius captured by Order, brainwashed.
Triumvirs have magically simulated "ghost" signatures in various places to confuse enemy efforts to scry their locations. Also alert spells to know if anything magical affects them. Suddenly enemy Sorreters appear at every one of Darius's apparent locations, one finds him and translocates him away. Most enemy Sorreters leave instantly, but some are captured and interrogated, to no avail. Order Sorreters set up anti-scry/divining spells in random order in all of their villages, then translocate Darius to one; more Sorreters erase the magical trail so it can't be traced. Sorreters and army forces will be guarding all villages, especially Darius's position. (Probably not First Village.)

"Could it be this whole rebellion of yours is simply an attempt to make up for having failed to support your clan during the Coming?"
"My God, you're right, Doc! I'm cured! Thank you so much! Now that I understand the root of the problem, I can put a stop to it all. So, I'll just be on my way now, and take care of that..."
"...Nice try."

Brainwasher tries tricks, like 4 fingers. Doesn't fool Darius, who has read dystopian books, like 1984. Discusses this with captor. Eventually leads him to found the Balance, in the hopes someday there will be many nations. Fears single world government. This plotline may tie to Illuminati gang?
brain washer may be Demos's evil psychotherapist?

"You know what history is?"
"What's that?"
He shrugged and said, "Just some stuff that happens."

Demos is in asylum, gets pet lunatic (fellow patient), wants to take government back.
Evil psychotherapist (one of two who founded first aslyum) is working for Demos, releases him, helps him secretly. starts rounding up Streetrats (including Tiejo), allies of Chaos, spreading asylums into other villages.

InterGang sorcerer enslaves spirits as wills-o-the-wisp who possess people and fight vampyres.

Carver Woodrat?

Golems may be a special police force to control vampyres and will o the wisps. Illuminati want government contract to create them, but are refused. instead Illuminati interbreed vampyres, WotW, teach sorcery to create Djinn. also corrupt Golem sorretry to create gargoyles to defend against g-men (golems).

Noson Turner kills Drag; original Noson kills clone using sword rather than magic.

Chieftain has recording of Durrel meeting with him during Coming. Uses it to blackmail him into revealing Darius' location.
Darius rescued; leaves Chaos to lead Northern Alliance (Balance)
Balance mostly closed, but some trade of law, information, art.

"If you think so poorly of yourself, why accept this position?"
Sigh. "You play the hand you're dealt. Usually that means doing the best you can with bad cards, but for me, I can't really be happy whether my hand is good or bad. Still, gotta play it, I guess."
"And if you hate the north so much, why choose to live her?"
Shrug. "Masochism, maybe? Or incubating my depression, when I feel it's all I've got..."
"Then why take Happiness...?"

Darius only founds the Balance with help from others, including Benj, who provided much of the start-up capital required. He also routinely beats Darius at chess, and introduced the concept of political parties, founding one called Checks. Darius founded one called Balances, which Benj found objectionable because it had the same name as the country. Confusing, but also suggests it's the dominant party when they should all be equal. Darius says he hasn't quite got chaos out of his system. Benj says "Chaos, feh. The most chaotic thing about your is your chess game."

Three nations: United Villages of the Chaos, Order, Balance.
Languages: alec & stavros's Lanwich. (call Barbequeue Alqaburbee) Elves Latin. Vampyres?

Darius introduces system of accreditation for independent masters, recognized in all three nations.

Darius sends Northern Streetrat to Triscot to fetch things for him.
Northern Alliance involvement with ogres.
Darius comes to South Port to find Marian, but she doesn't want him anymore. (I love you for who you are, Dare, I love you to death. But...)

"I don't love her anymore, and I doubt I'll ever hear from her again, so I guess we're not friends either. But I continue to have a higher opinion of her on every level than anyone I've ever known."
"Want I should have someone look after her?"
"Part of me likes the idea, but another part of me knows she wouldn't appreciate it. Besides, she can take care of herself. And I doubt your best people could watch her without her ever figuring it out, anyway."
"You sure? We are pretty damn good, you know..."
"Which is why I employ you. But like I said, she's good too."

Darius: "If it helps, you know, I probably wouldn't get published if this were, say, Earth. It's just that there are less people here, you don't need as big a readership. Believe me, not many people read my stuff."
Tino: "He's right. On most other planets, he wouldn't get published."
Dave: "Thanks, guys. It really helps to know that even on one of the easiest planets in the Universe on which to get published, I can't get published."

Darius offers to get Dave Happiness, but he doesn't want it.
Dave accepts audio jockey job, eventually kills himself.
Just before his death, plays a game of Surreal, makes earlier mock game real.

doctor tells darius because of the conflict between his genuine pain and his constant Happiness use, his heart is being torn slowly apart, and he has at most ten years to live unless he quits the habit. darius says he doesn't intend to live anywhere near that long.
Darius learns new appreciation for Order and progress, in the harsher realm of the N.A.Balance.

930 or so- part of LandOrder helps Royal Twins attempt coup in the Order (Darius might be dead by then)

Darius says to Benj, "I can't imagine a world without you-- but then, I've always been something of a pessimist."

Darius says "Columbus died a failure."
friend (Lor? Alice Blynnmaker?): "And later had a holiday named for him."
"If you name a holiday for me, I'll haunt you."

Discuss Darius's position on suicide, mention Dave.


1000- sentient mythical creatures (mainly gang types) form alliance: vampyres, wotw, djinn
1412- Rangers/Chaos Knights.
1475- Dark One, Dark Servant return. create trolls from orcs and men, teach them black magic (necromancy?) possible alliance with Illuminati/Djinn
Some of the Black Profits abandon the gang when they discover the truth about their leaders etc. they form their own gang, the Goths, which may admit vampyres, etc.

1500 or so- faeries (good & bad of course) make deal with Banshees to create themselves/each other. time travel paradox?

1699- "who's up for a game of Surreal?"
prolog to story where magical beings invade from another world, with sorcery far more powerful than anything on the Land. all Sorreters and sorcerers come together to fight them (no one else stands a chance). they all fail. in the end, the turn comes back to the kid responsible, and he becomes a superhero and destroys the invaders. after the game, he's arrested, thrown in an asylum for the rest of his life.

Far Future (modern times)-

(look up info on Cirque du Soleil) sometime between 1800 and 2100, Cirque secretly comes to the Land for a world tour. no one knows they're from offworld, nor do offworld authorities know they went there (contact is illegal). they are popular, but disappear. perhaps inspire a similar trouple on Land. Cirque returns centuries later, after the Land joins the Terran union.

2390- C-gang (Chaotics). Electronic jackets, lights in shape of eye on back, or message board. Surveillance built in to avoid sneak attacks.
Colors: Grey top three each city, whole gang; Green middle echelon, purple lowest echelon; special colors for holidays like orange for Samhain, etc.
Cross between Chaos Knights and even more ancient gangs, sort of... biggest, best, most powerful and famous gang on the Land... devoted to writings of Dave, such as are known through Tino and Anteprophets

2401- Meet Terrans etc. ELCs translators for aliens.
Land Port is major spaceport.

Christians from Earth study O'Gast, declare it blasphemous.
Landers insist they worship the same God but Terrans got some things wrong; Terrans argue it's a different God.