ekt's Adult Swim Message Board banners

This is an idea I totally ripped off of one of Bobo's old banners. Except instead of Plato talking about young boys, I went into otaku mode to talk about anime girls. Well, real girls too, but the picture is of Kagome, so whatever.

Well, adult swim has been showing Pee-Wee's Playhouse, which of course includes Penny cartoons. So, I thought it would be neat to make an animated asmb banner out of the opening sequence from a Penny cartoon. The letters don't look that good where I changed them, but otherwise I'm fairly pleased with this... Of course, it's a pretty big file so it may take awhile to load unless you have broadband....

Well, personally, I love Erin Esurance, and of course I love Space Ghost C2C, so I really liked this ad. And so I made a banner about it. But the last line I included because I suppose most of the other people on the ASMB may not like Erin. And anyway, I'd like to see some real new Space Ghost instead of just occasional ads or whatever....

This is the second banner I've made for ASMB to feature Bruce Campbell. It's based on an Old Spice ad.

Yet another Christina Ricci banner, this one from the "Speed Racer" movie.

Me and Domo-kun. Pretty self-explanatory.

Well... that's it so far, but I keep coming up with new ideas, it seems. Cuz making banners for The Adult Swim Message Board is the most fun EVAR. Fo' sheezy, yo.

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