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Initialized: August 11, 2017
Location: Cyberspace
Occupation: Journalist/Critic/Humor Columnist
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AIMHO is the best known Artificial Intelligence currently in existence. It was also the first AI to be granted sentient rights, though it was far from the last. Its championing of the cause of sentient rights was famously a key issue in the election for the first World President in 2024, three years after it saw such laws passed in several countries, prior to the founding of the United Earth World Council. For its efforts, AIMHO became the first non-human sentience to win a Nobel Peace Prize (the only serious award it's ever won, all of its many other awards being fan-based, rather than academy- or committee-based; which AIMHO takes great pride in, seeing as everyone has considered most "serious" awards as completely passť since at least the early part of the century, if not late last century, though such awards still carry on simply through inertia, under their own weight, or something). ...But AIMHO is at kokoro not a political person. It lives to entertain and enlighten the masses (when it isn't entertaining and enlightening itself, with its constant cybersurfing). It is perhaps best known as a reporter, even though its efforts in this field are self-described (and accurately so) as "half-assed." It prefers its lesser-known efforts as a critic and humorist, and indeed, its innate humorous tendencies are always evident in its ostensibly more serious "news" articles. (Indeed, the main reason its news items are taken so seriously at all, is because of their rarity: and therefore, their significance. For a thing to move it to write a news article, that thing must surely be uncommonly noteworthy. Its humorous and under-researched style, amazingly enough, quite fails to detract from this fact in the slightest; hence its otherwise seemingly unlikely, even ironic, fame in the field it both cares the least about, and in which it does the least work.) AIMHO is also among the few writers ever to be published before it was born/created, owing to the recent invention of time-traveling briefcases. If it can ever take more than a few minutes away from its extracurricular activities, it hopes to write the Great Terran Webnovel, one of these days. Or at least the Great Terran Fully Immersive Cyberholodrama.

Profile last updated October 24, 2026.


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