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Catrip V1.5

What does CatRip do? It rips GDRom tracks from a GDRom disc! :) For educational use only! It rips all the data as either .ISO for data or .RAW for audio tracks. Data tracks are now ripped properly as *FULL* 2352 data!!! This data now starts in the usual: 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 [1 BYTE MINUTE] [1 BYTE SECOND] [1 BYTE FRAME] [1 BYTE MODE] [2048 BYTES DATA] [4 BYTES EDC] 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 [276 BYTES ECC] Audio tracks are kinda wierd at present, data is ripped. But I don't currently know if the data is correct as it is kinda strange! INSTRUCTIONS: get a dcxfer card! download the latest dcexe program from, I have V1.010! type 'dcexe -n1 -f catrip.sre' the program then prompts you, easy! The -f switch above, turns on the dcexe fileserver. The -n1 switch slows down to 781kbps mode, as dcexe does not have a verify transfer command yet. Cat! would like to greet everyone on psxdev & dcdev! ;) Special thanks to CitizenX for help in data formats! - Cat!


Catrip .sre file