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It started out of sheer boredom, really. Let me share (a nice way of saying "cut and paste") my reasoning for doing this in the first place, from the place I started posting the cards: this thread on the College Roomies From Hell!!! message board...

"Well, it was rather hard getting to sleep tonight. So I decided to start putting together some graphics for a redesign of my home page (which desperately needs it). Now those of you that have seen my 'artwork' know that drawing--in any medium--is not my strong point. But something I do like to do is working with fonts, doing layouts and the like. Anyway, as I was flipping through the fonts, an idea struck me: if some of the strips that I read were made as movies, what would their title card look like? Another hour and a half of playing around, and I came up with three that I thought interesting enough to share: CRFH!!!, Blotto Street, and Queen of Wands."

With that, I posted the three cards. Surprisingly enough, I got some enthusiastic feedback on those cards, so I did some more. And after that I did more. After a while, I figured I should put up a page or two to function as a gallery of sorts for the cards. However, I was approaching my ISP's web space limit on page views, so I needed to set up a new space. While I was doing that, the idea struck: maybe I should set up a whole site for these things...

This website is the result.

What is the Alternative Title Card Project?
A Note for Those I've Carded

For those of you who've been carded seemingly out of the blue, I'd like to thank here (those who I haven't thanked personally, of course) for providing little old me with just that much more entertainment than I probably would have otherwise.

For those that I've carded by request, remember that I think highly enough of you to say "okay, I'll do this." And I hope that the card is to your complete satisfaction. I never hear anything back, so I'll just assume that you do. :)

Michael Kelly ("NaKaithus")