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ATC: The Alternative Title Card Project
Created: September 24, 2001
Headway (Feb. 19, 2003)

I've been working on the redesign. Really I have. The problem is, I like this look so much...grumble. Anyway. I have a new title graphic and a new card (yes, really), even though I need to work on it a bit before showing it on the main page. It's for Demonology 101 and the card can be seen here. It was my first attempt at actually drawing out a card on paper then scanning it in, so that's why it looks...rough

Huh? (Nov. 6, 2002)

What? 1000 hits? When did this happen?!?

Well, you've probably figured out that the redesign has been placed on the back burner and I don't have that redirection thing down yet, either. It'll probably be until December before I get to it though, considering this other project that will be running throughout the month of November. Stop by and see just how crazy I am--as if you needed the reminder!

Subtle Changes and Future Announcements (Oct. 18, 2002)

I've registered a domain name for my meager web presence (the aim is to expand into a site that holds all of my web "junk", not just the ATC). It's and hopefully will be pointing to this page within the next day or so. Eventually the ATC will have its own subsite at, but that must for a couple of things. One of which is a redesign I'm working on (and you can preview here)...

Long Time, No...Well, You Know (Sept. 26, 2002)

Man, it's been a while. Anyway, recently I've been asked about using the cards that I've created. Well, here's the official usage policy:

If you are the creator of the project I carded, you are free and clear to use the image however you wish. If not, please ask me before you use the image. Either way please make sure that the ATC is acknowledged somewhere on the site on which it's used.

That's it! Simple enough, huh? looks like this place could use a good cleaning...