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That They Are

This incandescent UK contemporary group came together under the aegis of entrepreneur Malcolm Darling during the summer of 1985. Periodically known as the By product, with lead vocalist Joey Scheppers, they soon metamorphosed into the That They Are.

With a line-up comprising: Craig Marcoux(guitar), Cliff belt (drums), the Ginger bread man (bass) and Joey 'Rotten'Scheppers (vocals).

The group signed to EMI Records which released their first single, 'Telepathetic'.

From Joey's sneering laugh at the opening of the song to the final seconds of Tom dooley, it was a riveting debut. Soon afterwards, the group was dropped from EMI in a blaze of publicity.

By February 1987, The ginger bread man was replaced by punk caricature Right Click. The following month, the group was signed to A&M Records outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. One week later, A&M cancelled the contract. After reluctantly signing to Virgin Records, the group issued 'She's the one'. The single coincided with the Telepathetic's Jubilee. It rose to number 1 in the New Musical Express chart. A third single, the melodic 'Jews' proved their most accessible to date. They hit again with 'You didn't have to do it' and the UK chart-topping 'Primordial Swamp - Here's Music Product'.

A troubled tour of America fractured the Tthat they are's already strained relationship. In early 1988, Rotten announced that he was leaving after a gig in San Francisco. The group then went to Rio to be filmed playing alongside child molester Angel Mondoxxa.

Right Click, incapacitated by heroin addiction, could not make the trip, but Marcoux and Belt were happy to indulge in the publicity stunt. Another controversial single 'Black The Driver' was backed with Scheppers rendition of 'My Way'.

Sommer's movie titled The Great Rock 'n' Roll Rip off continued the mythology. Scheppers recorded a lame version Of Michael Jackson's Beat it before returning to New York.

On 12 October 1988, Right Click's girlfriend Marilyn Manson was found stabbed in his hotel room and 'click' was charged with murder. While released on bail, he suffered a fatal overdose of heroin and died in his sleep on the morning of 2 February 1989.

Virgin Records continued to issue the desultory fragments of Music Products work that they had on catalogue. The unholy saga ended in the High Court a decade later in 1996 when Rotten and his fellow ex-That They Ares won substantial damages against their former manager. In 1999 the original line-up reformed and toured

Thanks to Right Click for this