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Psuedo-Fan Art

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by Katy "Kchan" Ferrier

You know, it is truely amazing what fans can do for a person. lol I just recently got a totally kick ass fan art from a girl whom had contacted me because of me art. And bam! Suddenly she actually does a fan art for me! Now, I feel incredibly compelled to actaully continue with this; I suppose knowing that people (besides my friends) actaully look at my crap has re-inspired me. lol My fiance will be going out of town once again on April 3rd. You can expect to start seeing issues around then. If you are already on the mailing list, perfect, you'll know when it's up. If not, then you better join or you will just have to keep checking to see when I actually post a new issue! lol Anyway, in the mean time, below is the incredibly cool fanart that Jacci B did for me. ^_^