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Auvergne shall be a "fountain-head of My prophetic Spirit," in these last days says the Lord, and for this reason it shall be as "the garden of God." For even as a river went forth from Eden to water the garden and it parted into tributaries, so shall this work be.

And even as a tremendous amount of intercession has gone over this area, My Spirit has brooded as it were, over these waters.

For this is as Hannah's prayers to Me says the Lord. For she wept as the intensity continued to build for this son---this desire of her heart.

When I poured out a blessing, she didn't have room to contain the full extent of that which I poured forth in answer to her prayers. For I gave her more than a son, but a "prophet," and infused into his very nature was the intercessory spirit of the prayers that touched heaven and the Father's heart and which brought him to the birth. For I the Lord wanted deliverance for the nation. So it shall be here.

And as Hannah's prayers birthed more than a prophet, for in Samuel, whole "schools of the prophets" were birthed---yes, sons of the prophets, so shall it be in this place. And they shall flow together as the surging of a mighty tide.

As thunder in the tops of the mountains announces the flash of lightening which is to follow, there is even now a noise from the city and a voice from the temple and it's the voice of the Lord who renders recompence to His enemies---even those wicked spirit beings---and announces to Zion: "Thy God reigns."

The prophetic spirit within My church in this region shall be so strong that people shall walk softly in the presence of the Lord. And there shall be a holy and a godly reverence for the Lord and a fear to embrace that which is contrary to My word and the working of My Spirit.

"For I will pour out of My Spirit in the last days, says God upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams: And on My servants and on My hand-maidens will I pour out in those days of My Spirit and they shall prophesy."

Acts 2:17-18

For as a "tower of the flock," you shall be a strong-hold to the daughter of Zion. For you shall be a house of prayer and the nations shall flow into your gates. And I will gather even the outcasts of Israel, and gather others to Myself besides those who have been gathered and give them a name and a place.

Judging The Prophetic Word:

Definition of a "fountain-head." The American College Dictionary defines "a fountain-head as 1) "A fountain or spring from which a stream flows. 2) The head or source of a stream. 3) A primary source.

In this illustration of Auvergne, France as a "fountain-head, God is declaring that the from the work of God's Spirit in this place, the Lord shall send forth streams of His Spirit. There will be prophecy. There will also be prophetic music with minstrels and psalmists. In defining the difference between the two, we see the psalmist as one whose music is accompanied by inspired words.

Whereas the minstrel plays inspired instrumental music by the Spirit of the Lord and this quiets people, and stirs the prophetic in them. Oft times there will be an anointing on this instrumental music, and people will just begin to weep, as the Spirit of the Lord sweeps over them in billows of love and compassion. Bodies are healed. Hearts are mended. God speaks into the depthes of their heart and they hear His voice. Sometimes He will give them visions. A person may minister at times as a psalmist and by the leading of the Lord, sense at others that God wants Him to play softly on the instrument without any words, for God is going to supply His own words to each one individually.

It has been our experience over the years, that you do not see as powerful an anointing where the the ground and the people and the music ministers have never been taught the importance of preparing for the services through intercessory prayer. Many years ago, when Charles Finney, the famous healing evangelist used to preach; he would send intercessors ahead of him to pull down strongholds. There were powerful results, in healings and salvation.

In John 16, Jesus said: "When the Spirit of truth is come, He will "guide you into all truth." (John 16:13-15) If you want revelation knowledge to flow," spend time in prayer before church. Or after you have heard the word. Because as prophesied in Isaiah 28:11-12, "With stammering lips and another tongue will I speak to this people saying "This is the rest and this is the refreshing, " we learn in I Cor. 14:21, that this is speaking of "speaking in tongues."

You say that at your church they don't believe this way. Have you shown them this? Perhaps they would be as thrilled to know this as you. If you find they reject this, Isaiah 28:11-12 tells us that "for all that, they will not hear." Some are just not going to listen, even if it's in the "Red-Letter Edition." They too will just fulfill what God has said "prophetically."

Jesus also said: When the Spirit of truth is come, He will "show you things to come." (John 16: 13-15) There's the aspect of the prophetic, with the dreams, visions, prophecy and prophetic song which God said would be so prevelent in the end time out-pouring of His Spirit. (Acts 2:16-18)

If you want worship services that truly demonstrate God is among you as it states in I Cor. 14:24-25, in which the very "secrets of the heart" are laid bare, you will make the time. If you don't, you will not have the same kind of church. People may show up for the social contact it brings, but they won't be the kind of Christians you see in the book of Acts, who lived in the demonstration of God's Spirit in power, and signs and wonders.

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