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Heather's Story

Heather Young was a very outgoing person who touched the hearts of everyone who knew her. Heather always had a smile that would lead you to believe that she had the perfect family life. Over the years I soon began to realize that the smile on her face hid a lot of pain.

Heather's greatest joy in life was her son Robert. She loved having him involved in any activity she was in. She was just starting Tai Kwondo, she had lived her dream of snow boarding. And she introduced Robert to her favorite activity of rollerskating.

When ever she talked of her future she would say she saw it as being just her and her son. She would say she wanted to be free, but she was afraid of what might happen if she were to leave. Her fear came because of the abuse that was happening in her life.

Some days she would pick me up and she would be in tears because of the things that were happening at home. She hated her life but she was too afraid to change it. Heather finally reached the point that she could not take it anymore, and she began making a plan to finally get free. Her courage came in knowing that what she wanted most was about to come true. It was going to be just her and her son. Even after she moved, Heather was still afraid of what might happen if she made her ex mad, so she still allowed him to control her even after she moved.

Heather really wanted to have a life of her own. She had been in this relationship for 8 years, and finally she started to realize that she had to take control of the things in her life. She stood up to her ex and let him know that she would not let him control her life any longer.

On March 24th, 2004 Heather filed for a restraining order against this man. Heather was so proud that she was taking control and that she had stood up to her ex. Her new life was beginning.

Heather did not have long to enjoy her new freedom. Her life was taken on March 24th, 2004 by the hand of another person. I believe that on her final day and hours she was happy. Happy because she felt that she was free to move on with her life, and enjoy that life with her son Robert.

If Heather could say one last thing to others in the same or similar situations like hers, she would say "Get out while you can, you deserve more out of life!" As a matter of fact she did say that to people that she knew were in that situation.

Heather will be in my heart forever and I want her to know how proud I am that she took control of her life!

Written by Marilyn Nichols, who Heather said was like a mother to her.

The man that is spoken of here has been CONVICTED of 1st degree murder in the murder of Heather Young on October 21st at 4:50pm after just 7 1/2 hours of deliberations. His sentencing is scheduled for November 12th.The least amount of time that he can get is 25 years, and the max is 35 years as they never did find the murder weapon. He will be between 57 years old and 72 years old when he gets out of prison. Since the beginning of his trial we have learned alot of what the prosecution had in the way of evidence, and I will be updating with a new page as soon as I can pull it all together. Justice has been served, and finally Heather can rest in peace. He also has a Felony DV Assault charge that is pending the outcome of the murder trial. This page will be updated with more of the graphic things that happened to Heather soon.

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