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2020 DMR Foals

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Cameo Baron Timber produced the miracle baby this year!  Meet DMR Jack of Diamonds.  This absolutely beautiful colt has the best personality you have ever seen.  He runs to meet you for loves.  Jack will follow you around and picks up all four feet without a halter.  Honestly the most darly foal I have ever seen and we have some great ones!  Ready to wean at Christmas.  Talk about the perfect stocking stuffer!  $4500.  Below are his mom, dad and half brother.  Video:  https://youtu.be/6-MsELXnnHM

Booger Have Faith (left) produced a beautiful palomino foal by Frost Silver King (below)!  His barn name is Buckshot (registered name is DMR Frost SilverKing) but of course everyone calls him Bucky.  He is kid ftested and mom approved.  $3750

DMR Jak Frost (Tango)  Remarkable colt out of Annabelle Delight by Frost Silver King.  Mom and Dad shown below.  Loves people.  Stallion quality.  He looks like he is shedding out to blue roan.  $3500